The Last Train

Here i want to show two projects that im going to be running in tandem.

The subject is a train designed by and for the Elite social class. It runs on the last remaining fossil fuels that power it’s 6 jet engines.

Project 1: The Game Model
I am part of a team working on a flat shaded, infinite runner game, set atop a futuristic train. The carriages are generated randomly from the sections that i’m building. Here is a look at the game model as it currently stands. Each ‘section’ is 2m long with a width of 6m and a height of 4m.

Here is a look at the train as it may appear in game:

Project 2: The Beauty Model
And so i wanted to add more detail than the game engine would permit so i decided to create a beauty model along side. Here is my progress so far. My aim with this project is to get a similar render to what you see here, but also to work on the materials a little and add some background scenery.

C&C’s always welcome.

Slight update, mostly to the lights. Added some refinements to the geometry also, but less noticeable.