The last version of 2.79

Did I hear there would be a Xmas release of 2.79.2 the final version or did I get shit faced and imagine that. 2.79 with the recent updates is indeed something. Anyway Merry Christmas to everyone on the forum and the developers and artist at the institute and around the world who made this a reality. Blender has been a gift for this old man for many years. So a simple thanks is in order along with a season greeting.


There was never a solid guarantee of a 2.79a release. By now, it might be that it won’t happen because the longer they wait, the harder it will be to get it out.

And, a Merry Christmas to you Ace out there on the plains. I hope you have as many as you desire in the coming years. So maybe whatever nightly build we have is it. I was simply hoping with all the new the commits we might have 2.79a release before moving on to yet another damn learning curve. Because quite frankly I might not be up to another one. The process in the enclosed image doesn’t get any easier with a age.

There will still be a 2.79a, just not for christmas, and to be fair - the 2.79a will only contain “safe” fixes, so be best 2.7X release might always be the last one on :slight_smile:

You all are probably right and I’ve had good luck with most nightly builds in spite of the disclaimer. Now I’m off to enjoy Christmas with the family and hope you guys are doing the same. Blender will be here when we return. Merry Christmas once again and a Happy New Year.