The Last Viking

hello everyone…

this is my first creation of a character, so that’s why i decided to make it cartoony…
i hope that im in the right way !!
and welcome for your criticism and opinions…

Wip 02

Test : Clay_Render

Hi, if this is you first character it’s not that much bad. However making a cartoony character doesn’t mean you can forgot about real anatomy. In cartoony character anatomy is simplfied and exagerated, but it’s realistic. I see you have tryed to put in anatomy, but here are some errors:

  • too many abs and belly button is too low
  • there’s no clavicle
  • pacs, deltoids and biceps area attachments and insertions aren’t correct

My suggestions would be to use pinterest to search anatomy reference (both real and stylized) and start from there.
You’re on the right track, just keep going and study anatomy.

WIP 03
i add the hand and the shoes and i modified the pants
the next part is to add the ears and the hair and adding more details for the pants

i’m waiting for your advices guys
kind regards…

You are starting and going for cartoony look, I think that cartoony is far more dificult than realistic, but I really never tried.
I think you are going too realistic, I probably will make it more angular, and with a loot less elements.
Also the uper body seams almos normal, so it is like a normal person with tiny legs and forearm, So I think that is not working.
But remember I don’t know anything about cartoony.
Are you using any references? it will help if you do, chouse a style and go for it.

maybe something like this?

in fact i used a lot of references some of them are cartoony ( for the general shape ) and the others are realistic ( for the anatomy and the details ), i dont now if it’s true that combining these two categories ( cartoony/realistic ) to get a correct result, but i will do my best to improve it…
thank you a lot for your advices, it’s so nice from you… and if there is any sort of criticism you’re welcome