The Layout of my Blender resets every time I restart it

So a couple of weeks ago i might’ve changed something in my settings that makes it so every time I restart Blender it resets the viewport. By that I mean it resets the View I was looking at the object, it resets the available workspaces (if I open the Motion Tracking workspace, save the file, close it and then reopen it, it’s gone), it also resets the viewport shading material. It has become pretty annoying so I was wondering if anyone has an idea on what’s going on there?

Thanks in advance

In the Save & Load section in the Preferences there’s a checkbox for Load UI.

If that is checked, then it will load the UI from a file in the way that it was saved. If not, then it will keep your normal setup when a file is loaded.

You can also set things up the way that you like, then save that file as the default file for when you open Blender. From the File menu, pick Defaults -> Save Startup File.

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Thanks so much! Was struggling for so long to find this out :smiley:

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