The life of St. Isaac Jogues

The first movie i made in blender. It is supposed to be educational. :wink:

What do you think of it?

Cute! I guess the priest should have given him a book on “How to Get Along with People of Other Faiths” to read on the boat trip over.

Walk cicle is odd, hes like iceskating/skiing.When he goes onto to boat he walk true the gangplank. The waves alse go strait true the boat. When he talks to the idian dude and the other one kills him both keep walking why?
And you might try to record with a better microfone

Nice effort


Or dont use microsoft sam.

When you could use stride bone it is much better, but I dont get it right so i understand you dont use it. After all it is not ment to be realistic. I think for educational use it is ok when you record it clear and correct.

I agree :).
The movie wasn’t really beautiful, I think you’d agree. Some things I do want to mention to make sure you won’t do in another movie are the following. Never track your camera to a visible object or person, this inmediately makes it look very unrealistic. Try some more personal shots (so lower camera position, perhaps even under the eyes - more zoomed in) to get more emotion in your movie. Also, at least take the time to record your own voice, this sounds way too amatoristic. Last point, try more specular-less materials, so materials without specular. Some buffered lamps with some soft shadows would be nice too.

Anyway, for a first animation, pretty well done, at least it is finished wich is a very good accomplishment for you have a whole animation to look back to in stead of just animation tests etc. Make sure you don’t loose this animation!


I made this movie in 4 days. I was a bit rushed and didn’t know much about blender. If i re-made it now it would probably be better. Does anyone know a good tutorial about the action window/walk cycle?

You know what… I liked it. I even learned something! Sure, there are problems with it, but I’m of the opinion that it is better to finish something, and get it out there for people to see than to spend years practicing and have nothing to show for it. Just take all the criticisms you can get on your finished pieces, and take them into account for your next project.

Here are good tutorials:

for this task:

but surf around for your needs