The Like Button !

To what I have seen in the “Like Button” likes counter, not many people know about it. To those of you who do know about it Well Done. To those of you completely oblivious to its existence, allow me. The “like Button” is in the top right hand corner of the page, not too high that it’s un-noticable, and not too low that it’s out of place. And you may notice the small " f " and the facebooky blue colours, this is because it is a Face Book button.

Thank You for your time.

Tom Cat :wink:

" I be seein’ ya. "

i know of it, i got it on my website :slight_smile: but i can’t see the point of posting about it here :confused:

I agree with elia, this does not belong to the Game Engine forum, nor Blender forums at all.

Hellooo, please stop posting.

rvngizswt : Dude… woah… that was harsh man.

Elia : I felt it most necessary to post about it here, so that the people that visit the Games forum know about it and can support the people that have projects. Because most projects are dropped because of lack of support, when people see the like button they may be more motivated to complete their projects.

Monster : Practically what I just said to Elia, if people in the forums know about it, they can click it. Support etc etc.

I’m sorry if this was such an inconvenience to you. Perhaps a Mod should delete it then :(.


as a moderator:

  • We should use forum tools whenever possible. So you can rate a thread if you like it. You can even sort threads by rating
  • If you want to motivate people post a comment.
  • This is the game engine forum - this topic belongs to Off-topic / News / Website & Forum

Such a third party plugin makes only sense if you use it.

Anyway thanks, that you informed us why this button showed up. There are more of this button at the end of the forum page. All third party.

I’m not really sure what the point of what you were saying was, was it a thank you and good job or a this post is in the wrong thread?

Your welcome, I think.

well it is a great plugin for sharing games and other stuff, maybe it isn’t the wrong place posting this :slight_smile:

thank you, glad you have come to your senses.