The lost Relic - Explore and trap monsters in 3D dungeons

Your people are threatened by the orcs, and the only way to defeat them is by helping your king bring back the ancient artifact hidden deep in the dungeon : The lost Relic.

Mixing RPG style and puzzles, this game uses the power of 3D physics engine : having fun exploring and trapping monsters in the dungeons.

Game features :

Player health and level / XP system
Storekeeper for buying torchs and potions
About 10 dungeon levels
Monsters (Goblin, Skeleton, Troll, Bat)
Traps (using lava, water, pales...)
Blacksmith for upgrading your weapons and armor level
Save/Load system
Checkpoint system for big levels

Alpha 4 release (2016-06-17) : The first 6 levels of the game (your save game will work with future releases) - Optimized release, thanks for your feedbacks.

Price : Free (pay what you want)

Game for Windows PC (32 & 64bits).

> Download the game on <


The top bar looks really good. A promising game;)

This looks really good! The HUD is amazing, excited to see more. :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m glad you like the topbar/hud :slight_smile:

Here is a first look at the gameplay and the mood of the game :

This is the very first level in the dungeon (a kind of tutorial) showing you some differents things like the point&click movement, the fighting system, health bar, dialogue system, character animations, sounds FX system and the HUD (a simplified inventory system).
The save and load system is also working. Same for switching levels.
Next steps : testing some traps for the next levels… building the player’s village…

(Full credits in the game)

Awesome, just awesome. This game is incredible. I expected it to be good from the screensots, but - I never expected it tobe that superperfect. I will say honestly - I like everything in it, everything.

Thank you, it’s very motivating :yes:

In The lost Relic, when you meet a monster you can fight it or using some traps you can find… here is a first test :eyebrowlift2:

I’ve made this quick set to test the logic system that I have coded in the game.

hey, thats pretty cool! did you make the stone grinding sound yourself?

Liking the low poly fire particle effect :smiley:

Thanks for feedback !

@Scalia : Most of the sounds come from (full credits in the game) and other from me but not the stone grinding :slight_smile:

@cypher2012 : :wink:

Now, that I have better skills in coding and 3D modeling, and because I had some issues with the first version of the game, I have decided to rebuild it from scratch with nice models and textures for better performances too. The code is now really more robust and there’s no more bug in the game. At least, the old ones :slight_smile:


Nice! It looks so cool. I think that this game is really promising. It has all the chances on steam.
I don’t know if the “The Lost Relic” title in GUI is needed. I think that the plot there would work well as a box where the current location(e.g. Dungeon, Village, Castle or whatever you’ve got there) is shown.
Keep making this game, I want to see more of it;)

@adriansnetlis : thank you very much for your kind words and your feedback. Ok for the GUI, it’s very interesting. I guess, I’ll display the level of the game and maybe other things later :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m glad to introduce you the 2 first levels in this Alpha version (details and download link in the first post).

Your feedbacks are welcomed, especially about gameplay and the fluidity.

Even in a dungeon, you need to buy some stuff for your adventure :wink:

Here is a quick look at the trading system I have coded in the game :

Enjoy !

Here is another trap in the game. I hope players will have fun playing my game :slight_smile:

Cool. I love the physics based combat.
Is there and end? Which is the highest level?

I wonder about my game, where I would stop. I’ve always got more ideas and want to develop it further…

Thanks, I plan to make 20 levels. But, wait and see :wink:

Having more and more ideas is not a problem but knowing when stopping appending it and keep the main goal is the challenge, I guess.

20 seems like a lot to me, but I guess it depends on how big the level, and your game world is in general. i have no Idea what the term “roguelike” means though. I thought that it meant “diablo” style. This game here seems to have a more zelda-like look to it. Maybe they are one in the same. I always think of these games as go through the dungeons to unlock the final dungeon to kill the main boss progression. And a tool required from previous dungeons to the next to prevent skipping and to keep the progression line ‘in-check’. Example:

  1. Do first Dungeon and get 1st “tool”.
  2. Second Dungeon - Requires tool from previous dungeon to access the boss, get second tool.
  3. Third dungeon - Requires tool from previous dungeon + a tool from a main world sidequest to access boss, get third tool.
  4. Fourth dungeon - Requires tool from previous dungeon to access boss, get fourth tool.
  5. Fifth Dungeon - Requires tool from previous dungeon + a tool from a secret area within dungeon one, because you need the tool from dungeon four to access the secret area of dungeon one. Beat boss get fifth tool
  6. Sixth Dungeon - requires tool from previous dungeon to access boss.
  7. Seventh Dungeon - requires tool from all previous dungeons + a tool from another main world sidequest to access final boss. Probably also would have to defeat a copy of all previous dungeon bosses. Then beat big boss, save the princess, or the world etc…

Dungeons would get progressive harder of course, and tools gained from dungeons would help with monsters within the area or within the next dungeon itself. Now that I write it out, it sounds very copy+paste zelda like. And its not a bad setup at all, but it would be very hard to do that 20 times, unless the dungeouns were very small. And thats ok too.

Is that what rogue-like mean?

Your project looks very nice. Looking forward to it. Good luck.

Thanks for reply, superflip.

In fact, at the beginning of the project, I have read lot of articles about roguelike game and what it means but during the development of the game, to be honest: I have totally forgotten the definition but i think : “Zelda like”, “Roguelike”… no matter the tag… the only thing to keep is what kind of gameplay you imagine and emotion you want to feel for your futur players… I guess :slight_smile:

English is not my native langage so I hope you can understand me.

Anyway, thanks for your interest and for debating about making this kind of game, it’s very interesting and motivating.

PS : superflip, I’m very impressed by your RPG game setup :wink: