The Maskmaker's Desk WIP

This is still an early stage, my plans are:
-Add tools and junk to desk
-More stuff on walls
-Grimier lens
-Dirtier masks
I’d still love any other pointers you might have!

Link to (somewhat) higher quality:

Most Recent:


Like the masks, kabuki feel. Also hear no evil see no evil

I like the depth of focus effect that you set up.

Drawingisdead, haha, thanks! For both.

XeroShadow, thanks, took a while to decide which to focus on. Glad it looks good.

Still hoping for some more C’n’C!

EDIT: just noticed the JPEG compression is pretty horrendous on this one. Sorry about that, I’ll fix it for next time…

Added more papers laying around. I also softened the displacement on the masks, not sure if I should keep that part.
A link to a somewhat higher-quality image: