"The Masque of the Red Death" 35 mm short movie

Hi all,

we are very pround to annouce that our last movie “The Masque of the Red Death” based on a Edgar Alan Poe novel is sectionned in th B.I.F.F.F festival (Brussels International Festival of Fantastic Film 10-25 march). :Z

All the SFX of this short 35 mm movie are made with Blender, Aqsis, Pixie, Cinepaint on linux Workstations. See some images here :

http://www.digitalgraphics.be or directly http://users.skynet.be/mume//masque/index.html

Our last movie “Friday or another day” continue is succes. We receive two new prizes : Best Photography and best music in a Begian festival ( http://www.prixjosephplateau.be )

Marc & Serge UME

my greatest congratulations!
This time the FX look really deep in every scene, in your first movie were quite limited to few objects/environment-fx but now… this one is a big jump!
I think this is by far the best example of blender use in cinematography nowadays.
Thank you for doing all of this on Blender/Linux!

yes congratulations! was so amazing seeing the production work at the Blender Conference and giving to the community your findings in sequence filters is just amazing and we are all very grateful =)

Best of luck in all projects in future! must get to see movie =D



I watched your presentation at the Blender Conference and “The Masque of the Red Death” already looked very promising.

The website looks really good - as a cg artist I especially like the ‘making of’-screenshots.

Thank you very much for sharing this look behind the scenes (and your plugins).

I wish you the best for this movie!

Congratulations from me too - the Special effects images on your site look awesome. I also fondly remember your presentation at the Blender conference - wish you all success for the movie!

Great stuff you do, I can hardly believe that this is all possible with Blender!

— Elubie

This looks really cool! For curiosity, what does the SoftAnim tool do? It says it is an internal tool for “production”?


Hi all,

thanks very for your congrats. :smiley:

Shawn : Softanim is a selfmade software for cartoon (linetest, colorisation, masking, …). You can see some projects on our website.

Lee : see you at the Elephants Dreams Premiere ? . I’m impatient to discover the Orange work


Sorry for a dumb question but how do you start the movie?

Umm, Robin, it’s a commercial movie :), this is just it’s web site.

What versions of Blender did you use exactly? Did you use any builds with features stemming from project Orange?

Robin : i’ts a “commercial” project, but it’s a short movie then for this kind of project, we pay for Work. :frowning:

Seriously, we began the project in 2001. 4 years to find the money and 1 for prepare shooting (spring 2005). After, we made sfx.

We use 2.41a, not Orange branch because OpenExr wasn’t ready, and unstable nodes. It’s wasnt possible to try it in production and change our sequencer plugin. (the same that for “Friday,…”)


Ok I thought it was a free movie. It sounded like that when you said you were going to show it on the B.I.F.F.

Excuse me for being ignorant, but what plugins?

<edit>oops, I found them here. https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=54532&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0
Only there are no compiled Windows plugins available?

Excellent work guys, the teasers at the Blender Conference looked great, and it seems to have turned out really well. Congratulations. Oh, and very good to hear you’re coming to our show - see you there :slight_smile:

whee fantastic- I must see this as soon as orange is fully over. I hope to see you guys soon.

Hi bassam,

i hope we see you at the Orange Premiere.

For information : the newdomain name for the movie : http://www.masquerouge.com


I really want to know how you guys managed to get Blender, Pixie and Aqsis working together right. From what I understand is you used a modified version of Blenderman RIB export script, and of course it can’t run on Windows… but aside from that… I am trying to do the same thing for an indie movie I am involved with. One of the biggest problems is that the script, or Blender tends to loose certain settings.

For instance say I have 6 objects in a scene, and I assign a Custom shader to the walls, another to the floor, and plastic for another. During rendering the script will revert the walls to default plastic.

Now from the code I examined it looks like you took the names of shaders directly from the Pixie shader directory.

Another question I have is, how much text editing did you have to do with your exported RIB files?

Your team is the only one I know of who actually got this script working right and I am totally envious.

Umbroth how did you manage the totally vague Blender Camera Lens parameter to match the Lenses and film format you were using in real shots?

To be sharp correct with real life shots is a real pain for me currently…