The Matrix can't run on Windows XP

I found this funny video while cruising CGSociety. It’s a parody about how it’s not possible for the matrix to run on XP. I thought it would be more sensible to say it can’t run on vista, but this is funny either way. :smiley:

Deja vu!

What!? What happened?

Well, I had XP and got BSOD and started using Ubuntu… and now this video…

That’s what we call the pattern. Now let us eat your brains.

We must spread the word :RocknRoll:

Just awesome!

“Ubuntu? I’m going to learn… Ubuntu?”

Glad you enjoyed it lol :slight_smile:


Do you send the error report, or do you not?..but the real question is, is there a difference? :smiley:

Haha that was really good!

One of the best quotes from it, and the answer, im sure, is no!

I was surprised they didn’t make a joke about the millions of cigarettes the oracle smokes hourly lol :smiley:

“I just have to wait for the hourglass to go away… (tap tap) Okay!” :smiley:

Now I’m going to watch it again.

One of my favorite lines:

“The matrix used to run pretty well, but it slowed down over time. Cypher bittorrent a lot of movies.” :p:p