The Meaning of App Logos.

Ok guys, I’m hopped up on opium again, so thought I’d stop by here and post some random thought that went through my brain.

Why do certain App’s, Os’s, ect. have these strange logos, Like gimp has a Tasmanian Devil(?), or Linux with it’s stupid looking penguin (seriously, that makes non sense), or VLC Media Player with it’s orange caution cone, which is right now wearing a santa hat lol, or even Blender’s logo, what the heck is it? Just a design or something? I always felt it looke like some sorta engine.

The only logo I’ve seen that makes any sense to me is the Windows logo, it’s a window.

So anyone know of any other crazy weird logos, or possibly the meanings or origins of these logos?

Blender’s logo is a hand around an eye.

What would a GIMP look like, what the heck would a VLC look like!?

You can find almost everything pointless with the right state of mind, like what’s the point of golf, you hit a little ball 150-500 yards just to get it into a little hole, what a waste of space, Mini-Golf does it right.:spin:

Here ya go:

Just couldn’t resist.

At the top of this page the BlenderArtists logo is a bunch of arrows and at the bottom of this page the logo is a bunch of squares.

I have never really cared for the blender logo.
It looks like a diagram you would find on the back of a box of Viagra, explaining the effects in a time lapse diagram, explaining flaccid ,midway, and erect. (hey, I had a odd childhood. please don’t knock my sick imagination.)

Hopefully we can have some sort of logo design competition like Zbrush did to get their slick new logo.

For gimp I would expect a crutch or a wheelchair for the Icon, except it is a very capable program, and not gimped in any way.I use it every day! Wilbur is getting old for me too, I would like to see a new icon for gimp too.

As far as the GNU Linux logo, Just listen to Linus or that lovable nutcase Richard Stallman, talk for even 5 minuets, and you will have penguin humor too. fast forward the video to 1 minuet 50 seconds to watch stallman eat a toenail or something off his foot. In some public press conference:
(I bet he just did it as a joke)

VLC should be some kind of film reel or HDTV set or something. Even a buckett of movie theater popcorn would be better.

I like tux because he’s a cute little penguin.

But how come FreeBSD’s logo is a horned thingy?


@ Commander Taco: Maybe we should have a logo design contest sometime


The horror, the horror.

Linus Torvalds got bitten by a blue fairy penguin (I think that was the correct species?) at a zoo and contracted Penguinitis, which causes a love of penguins. His condition led him to declare the penguin the symbol for Linux. That’s his official explanation, I’m not making it up.

Maybe that’s why CD thinks he’s a dragon, because he got bitten by a dragon?

I got bitten by a squirl one time, can I join the club?

Every logo doesn’t have deep meanings.

Here is the Autodesk Maya’s logo:

What is this? What does this picture mean? Is it a dragon or a flying dino? Wh did they choose this creature for a logo?

Btw, why did you choose Jack Black’s picture for your avatar? Because of his face, beard, mustache, sense of humor? :smiley:

The BSD Daemon has something to do with UNIX daemons. And his name is Beastie, which is BSD pronounced quickly.

Well, maybe, but Torvalds doesn’t think he is a penguin, he just likes them. So before you join the club, I’d say you have to decide whether you believe you are a squirrel or if you just enjoy their company. How much do you like nuts?

Dammit, PlantPerson, you can’t open the door for a joke like that and expect people to resist following through on it…

Must… resist…

Yea, lets leave CD out of this one. He has been pretty cool lately.

Well PP, I love nuts, found that out recently, even started a thread and poll on it if you remember. I’d like to ask you something, what happened to my demonoid thread? I come back this evening and it’s gone, is that sorta thing not allowed here or something?

Btw, why did you choose Jack Black’s picture for your avatar? Because of his face, beard, mustache, sense of humor?

That’s not Jack Black, that’s really me lol.

@demohero–it’s a cool thingy, and it’s shiny :smiley:

what is so fascinating about shiny logos?

and buttons, why are they shiny?
should i make my avatar shiny, also?

A moose bit my sister once…

@spacetug: Crystal and shiny logos/icons make them look cool and 3D.

I mean compare the old 16x16 Windows folder icons with the current Windows Vista/7 icons which can be up to about 250x250 and are shiny, 3D etc. It adds a lot of style and appeal.

But all the shininess is just gradients to make it look like light reflecting at an angle and things like that.