The mech - see a little update at 3rd page

yesterday i started modeling the mech.
1st good quality render…
i’m waiting like always for suggestions, ideas or smth… :slight_smile: [/img]

WOW! Nice design.

The toes on the foot seem to be a little sharp and lack a hinge point. The way you show it now, there is not enough flexability in the toe area. Though it is a mech and maybe a proper walk cycle will make it work.


yup, i gues you’re right, i must think about it…

cool look but one thing on a mech would it be so pointy? maybe more square well i dunno i’ve always saw mechs with square and round parts but its really really cool hope to see the rest soon and all textures.

I like the pointyness, traditional mechs seem to get too ‘cubic’

new blender 2.34 is awesome, so i must learn how to use yafray render engine…
btw. mech - rendered in blender 2.34 on yafray engine

I’m a mech fan, so I must reply to this :slight_smile:

First off, remember that having a good lighting setup help the viewer to clearly see the model. I mean, without shadow and stuff, it reduce the overall quality. I suggest you to stick with the blender render engine untill it’s finish and then see if yafray is soooo important to be use…

2nd, I like the overall design. One thing kinda look weird. How would he walk? There should be 2 separated section on the leg. Like an inversed human leg. But still, maybe it’s the angle of view, but it looks like the whole leg is a single piece. he couldn’t really walk with such a leg design.

As bgdm pointed out, the toes doesn’t look enough flexible. Each toe should be individual and be capable of rotating up and down. so the mech could actually walk on other than plain surface without too much difficulty.

Anyway, it looks like a good start, keep it up!

:D, i will change something tonight…

i’m geting close to finish the mech legs.
Tell me please, what i must change, add or delete…

Ooo so ther not not inverse legs… the be interesting to see it walk :slight_smile:

And it looks like you got some render artifacts(i think) on the knee joint. Maybe recalc normals (Ctrl-N, with the verts selected)

Looking good so far

I like the overall design

Yeah, with legs like that, it will be interesting to see it walk

it will walk or run like a human, i also want to animate him so it will be a lot of work.

another image rendered in yafray.

very nice, f41t3r, reminds me that robot from robocop 1, nice work.

Hmm, just a suggestion, if you want it to walk more ‘naturally’ then you might want to make the leg segments about the same length.

the tail will be a part of a mech responsible for balance…

holy crap hes making a mechasour :stuck_out_tongue:


t.mechs :stuck_out_tongue: