The Mechanical Pencil


(Michael Kimber) #21

Wow! your modeling skill and environment composition is very impressive :wink::+1: I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind :grimacing:

  1. What modifiers did you use to model the pencil?
  2. How did you apply such intricate textures to the pencil? WOW! :laughing:
  3. How did you make the stack of pages in the notebook?

Well done on getting featured! :grin: @heydotory

(heydotory) #22

Thank you! I love questions.

  1. The metal part: Solidify and Subsurface modifier.

    The other part: I used only Subsurface because the pencil is a cylinder-based model, so it doesn’t need another modifiers.

  2. For example, the roughness map of the bottom metal was created like below image.
    The gradient image was hand-painted in Blender. And the scratch image was mixed with it.
    Both image was adjusted its bright and contrast with ColorRamp node.

    You can use color instead of image textures in MixRGB node to make a gradient color.

  3. The black notebook: making a cube -> loop cut once -> scale the looped edges -> duplicate

    About notepad: making a plane -> subdivide -> using displacement modifier -> duplicate or using Array modifier

(Michael Kimber) #23

@heydotory Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions :blush: you are an absolute star for putting so much effort into your reply. As a beginner I look up to your skill and admire your work, it means a lot when people like you willingly help out an ambitious beginner like me :hugs:. Thank you :yum::+1:

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #24

Thank you for sharing these images. Amazing work. I really like the attention to details.
Paper and surface looks superb as well.