The Mill House

it has been quite some time since I posted a project here (pretty beginner back then I must admit) and I finally got myself up to finish a new one.

This is a full personal project and I decided to go for more quality design reference so
I picked a sweet architecture I found on Archdaily website and I decided to recreated it as a visualization (it is a real house). That architecture is called “The Mill House” and it has been designed (made in 2000) by Sweden arch company Wingårdh. I got hold onto original design but I also tweaked a lot of things to my liking (surroundings are mostly modified).

Everything is done in Blender 2.81+ and rendered with Cycles + postproduction in Affinity.

  • 4K resolution and 1000 samples(+ OIDN), rendered with CPU only (GTX970 woudn’t cut it and Out of Core GPU rendering still not 100% working) on 6 years old 4 cores I7 laptop gaming CPU (finally getting new home pc this week). Render time was terrifying…
  • A lot of stuff is collection linked from external blend file (core blend file for this project has only like 40mb size)
  • Heavy use of particle systems + weight painting (got quite a few there)
  • Some external models are FBX from my library that I had to create shaders for
  • Some external models are from Sketchfab and textures from CC0 Textures, also HDRI is from Texture Haven (also some textures there)
  • Archipack addon for the roof (but modified it manually) also volumetrics for mist (used procedural shader that some guy posted on forum and tweaked it into my needs)
  • Used new pose sculpt brush to randomize animal positions

Higher ress images on (also other projects) :

Cheers Tomas![](

EDIT: Sorry about that last file. It is a gif of work in progress but I can’t seem to get it work to be displayed here. It is working for brief moment and then it shuts down and says that image is larger than 5MB (even thou it is link from another site). If you wish to see it then click on the link or those external websites.


This is on purpose, to prevent users from loading huge files. Imagine someone inserted a 100MB gif file.

Hey @bartv, Yeah I get it and it is completely understandable I just thought that it was possible to use link of a gif from some other website (or dropbox) and so it would work like I uploaded it from my harddrive.

There is some old topic where someone used this kind of method but I wasn’t able to make it work (that method was on old forum. It is not a big deal everyone can still click on the link to see it’s content.

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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I am impressed with the gif.
You planned to print-screen periodically since the beginning? Wow

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thank you Bart!

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Hey hyyou,
thank you and basically yes that’s what I did. I did start to do this habbit since I believe that capture the whole creative process is worth it. It is 66 frames and half of it was saved via viewport render

and the other half I had to do a real renders but thanks to new denoiser it is enough to just preview it with a few samples.
Then I compiled it in gimp so good so far.


Nicely done!

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Beautiful bro!

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nice render !!!

I wish a mill were visible :wink:

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Thanks, well Wingårdh actually build this architecture up from original old farm and I believe that was mill part of that old farm. They swept it off but to pay respect they kept it in the name (or so I believe).

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amazing !

I’m fond of old things and nowadays thing’s histories 8-D

My first though when i saw your ( great ) work was: It’s like this today. but what was the past ?
Just an old dusty map or blueprint is a story in itself :wink:

I know am a boring ‘looker at the past and at time running’ x))
And though am not an artist, i find in CG satisfaction as the only limit is mind and view.

For beeing short, i love your work but am frustrated with the mill :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy blending ! :slight_smile:

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Thank you again:). Convergence of nature and original “genius loci” together with modern architecture principles is something I am really fond of. This project was supposed to be a bit “pay respect” attempt to such a mindset so I am glad that a lot of people like it. And yeah the mill was left in the past only words remained… :slight_smile:

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I think it’s nothing less than human future :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m glad to meet people aware of this :stuck_out_tongue:

And hope to hear from you soon :smiley:

Happy blending !

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