The Monster Nian

“Nian” means new year in chinese.this monster will come out when the new year is came,so all the chinese family will Burn fireworks in order to scare the Nian.

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That monster looks very good! However, the environment could be improved to to match the quality of the monster, which I think would make the scene feel more complete.

Impressive monster!

What do you get if you a cross a Dragon with a cat, the monster itself seems very rich in terms of detail and shading quality, but I am in agreement that the environment seems to be lacking in comparison (especially when you look at the rocks resembling game models).

The jewelry it’s wearing also seems to not quite match the quality of the Nian itself, so it’s like the quality of the shading depends on how fleshy the material is.

Nian lives in the water. Overall it is good.