The monster project.

Working on some organic modeling and animation for a change.

Here’s the animation.

I need some feedback on this before I start to do the texture.

It looks fine to me at the moment, but what do other people think of the physical dimensions of the birdman? I’m not 100% sure about the legs, I want something which is somewhere between a dinosaur and a chicken. So the anatomy can’t be either a chicken, or a dinosaur, but something between.

Also how about the walk? Don’t tell me about the hands, I know they need more movement, but later he’s going to be holding something (probably a spear) so for now, they are just pretty static. Going to overlay another NLA strip to handle hand movement with different weapons.

Nice creepy mesh - something that will give nightmares.

he walk really smart and cool. very nice:D

Cool animation… I like it.

This is an interesting challenge because of the wierd dimensions of a birds leg.
The thigh is shorter than ours, and calf drumstick is fairly long, then the foot is what looks like thier shin/calf. You have all the parts there you might want to try different proportions on the drumstick and foot sections to see if you like it better than what you have.

Thanks, trying to work on the texture right now, but not sure where I’m going with the project right now.

Tempted to print out the UV sheet and go at it with some pastel crayons… I really want some thing a bit different here.