The monster

The Monster.

This monster I made it just for fun , I started with low UV Sphere then
sculpted with dynamic topology without having to do the retopology another one more time ( only want to see what additional benefit we can also make use (in case if necessary) of the model which is sculpted with dynamic topology. ) hope you like it !! Blender version 2.74


very nice, I think materials need more work, the bump maps look really strong in the 3 materials and the skin looks kinda dry, and not wet and sticky like it probably should.
But great work still!

Impressive! I do enjoy the level of detail!. Good work!

The motion looks un realistic …but well done

Simply fantastic.

Hello All ! Thank you for all comments !! :wink:

Looks nice!

I think it would be better to see his antennae moving while he moves :wink:

Great job anyways!