The most amazing abandoned sketch to 3D program you have never heard of

This… it just needs to be abandoned :smirk:

Not sure if you are being sarcastic, as I have mentioned, I will not include whitepapers, there has been many videos of amazing sketch to 3D generations and videos to show how amazing they are.
Actual programs ? No where to be seen.

If you prefer to keep your sarcasm to yourself next time and show an actual program that is available as I have done, that would actually look more impressive.

:shushing_face: ok then :smirk:

Thank you for actually being helpful.
A number of people have already mentioned it months ago and I even responded to a few in my YouTube video comments.

PS: man what happened to you burnin, you used to be like deep and philosophical and stuff and now you reply like you just got your sweet 16.

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Let’s say I had to ‘feel you’ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: happy to be alive and present

Also, thank you for reminding me!