The most efficient workspace ever

(Jeacom) #1

I’ve been wondering what would be the most efficient/comfortable workspace for me.
I’ve come to a conclusion.



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(• I don't speak English "by default", so... ) #2

Nice meme…

(Indy_logic) #3

Are you by chance a LightWave user?

(Jeacom) #4

Nope, I am a native blender user.

(BlackRainbow) #5

This ones mine most efficient workspace.

(noki paike) #6

if it is Zen, then it becomes efficient for me :grin:

(Blender Foundation CERTIFIED TRAINER) #7

Machine decal beats them all in their game any day, blind folded and walking with a tied scarab on a busy street.


This is my workspace. :slight_smile: