The most tedious, and favorite part of your 3D art in your opinion


Modeling hands…THAT ARE DETAILED/HIGH POLY. It’s not that I have problems making hands, I will post an image of what I’m working on right now later when its done to even show you guys, it’s just not that fun, but seeing the end result is always satisfying.

And rigging, especially really detailed human models, I swear I go blind seeing bright blues and reds rigging every single vertex.


Faces, I find them really fun and expressive to make with so many possibilities.

Cars and bikes, well any vehicle really! They are so fun and when you’re done, you get to play around with them in animation and use soft body and throw it off a cliff you made in 20 seconds, and watch it become a wreak!

Computers! They are more tedious in high poly situations, but the end result is always so satisfying.

Low poly/low texture/low res stuff! I always love how it looks and feels!

Animation! Of course this is one of my favorites, bringing something to life! Or making an absolute garbage animation!

Now it’s your turn! Go!-

Humans and cars. Both are intrique. There is harsurface and “softsurface” at the same time.
Hardsurface modeling, for example something for 3D printing.

Though I don’t model, texture, … much anymore. Just for 3D printing.

Hey it’s still related and fun :slight_smile:

Yeah, and I cannot think of better tool for it than blender.
I export stls and sometimes use the plugin, fun stuff indeed.

Most tedious would be having to watch tutorials, i always have to skip large parts of the video to get to the part/s i want.

Most enjoyable would be modeling simple objects, especially if it’s a complex model comprised of simple objects.

I honestly need to make Blender tutorials, because related to what you said, most tutorials are dragged on, not specific enough in the important details, and is poorly structured.

I will probably begin Blender tutorials when Blender 2.80 is released, and cover that and the 2.49 versions and older for those who need it, there are -0 tutorials for those older ones.

When tutorials were still written rather than in the form of a video, it was easier to go through at the desired pace and they usually got to the substance faster.

Unfortunately, that form has become rare in many areas and videos in general have become more and more a complete replacement for text (people have even done it to ask questions in the support forums).

The most tedious part is simply the amount of time required. Time, and the need for meticulous detail.


Modelling hands.
Deciding best camera position.
Tutorials on things like lighting, texturing, shading.


Sculpting and Modelling Humans/Characters,

Well, when it comes to making game models, actually sculpting or modeling the high poly mesh is the most tedious, especially for characters. After that, everything else like retopologizing, UVing, baking, texturing = fast or instant results.

Small tip for the camera position setup, look for images that match more or less what you modeled and then add them to blender.
Set it as a background image and set the view as “camera” and crop, go into camera view (num0) and turn on “lock camera to view”

Match the background image more or less with your object and then render it.

The worst bit for me is when I have to do repetitive tasks, like if I have imported geometry for 50 slightly different objects and then for each of I’ve got to set the right origin, add constraints, copy on the right materials…