The new 3D Cursor

Yeah, finally the 3D Cursor supports orientation, but wait, whats this? Shift+s does not take advantage of any of the new orientation features at all? Did they even understood what was demanded for years by the community or is it simply not finished yet? At this stage, its just a waiste of screen space.

I don’t think this kind of agressive phrasing is helping anything. To answer your question : no, it’s not finished. Nothing about Blender 2.80 is finished.


Didnt sounded like a work in progress when Pablo anounced it.

Blender 2.8 is beta software. Nothing is finished. Everything is work in progress. Everything is subject to change. If you don’t like something, make a proper proposal with pictures and submit it, and remember to communicate nicely, that’ll go a long way.


Demanded? You sound very entitled… If its something the community wants, they will surely add it eventually. No need to get upset.

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Beta software has finished functionality.

Between the dictionary definition of beta software and reality, you’ll observe that there is quite a difference. Blender 2.8 has been in beta since november if I recall correctly and yet stuff is added and changed every day. “Feature-complete” is a blurry concept. What I am saying, in simple words : don’t fret, play nice, contribute

The devs are still actively adding new features that didn’t make it in time, pre-beta. Some features still won’t be ready until 2.81 and beyond.

I don’t quite understand how people manage to find the Blender experimental build page, yet fail to understand they have bugs and are feature incomplete.


beta means the big features are locked and won’t see new ones which require agreement by devs on their design/plan… but that doesn’t mean small improvements won’t be added like for example wireframes which now can have single/random colors…etc and the same with 3d cursor, the todo list is huge so it takes time to finalize.

Can we just not have this conversation anymore? I think the point has been made.

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I agree, but considering that most of the comments about 2.8 are demands that it should work perfectly for all individual needs NOW, apparently not…

I just think that as unconstructive as it is to make demands and call things worthless or completely broken (not speaking about this conversation specifically), I don’t think is any more constructive to gang up and someone with slight variations on the theme of: “It’s beta! get over it!”

What I’m saying is that beta always implies feature completion. If the devs do not meet the requirements of a beta, maybe they should stop calling it a beta. Until then, spare us the nonsensical “hurr durr it’s a beta how dare you ask for a feature to be complete!”, especially a small feature that could very well be complete without excuses.

I didnt demand anything, read the whole sentence.

And this is what “eventually” looks like, get my point?

Look, my entry post might be a bit over the top, but non the less these kind of half baked features pile up. Meanwhile they discuss tiny lil details like button icons and what not or in the midst of development they decide to add a greace pencil feature while all other reported issues remain. Lets stop right there, this isn’t the right place to discuss such things.

Half baked? You mean as in not finished baking? :wink:

SidV, the intent behind your original post is fine. I too would love to see the new 3D cursor more fleshed out. This thread could have been a constructive discussion on the evolution of the new feature. But negativity breeds negativity and you set the tone for this discussion yourself.


We should add this, yes. A way to orient the cursor to the current selection makes sense.

As for ‘waste of screen space’, I’m not sure what you mean exactly.

They can just delete it entirely as far as I am concerned. Give me a way to edit pivots and be done with it, I say. As a Maya person moving into Blender, this tool seems to be waste of screen space…

Don’t you feel thats being a bit inflexible though? If you were to use the cursor more, you’d find less of a need to adjust the origin (pivot) of an object. To be clear, I’m not against having better origin control. I’m just pointing out that the cursor is a powerful feature.


That’s fine and all, But make it an optional tool or Add-On for people who like it. I don’t think a Very Non-Standard Tool should be forced on to industry people after decades of doing it in a standardized way.

No one is forced to use it. They even just recently added a feature that lets you hide it. I wasn’t trying to start an argument or anything. I was just pointing out that the cursor can be used in place of the pivot.

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