The New Beginner

Hey all
I am a relatively total beginner to python in general, and I just want a crashcourse into blender python syntax
I couldn’t find anything very short or very credible online anywhere…so if anyone can either provide one, for me and anyone else in the future that would be great…and if there is a very fast crash course, then can you give me the link to it?

I just want to know syntax, because then I can focus on learning modules and then I’d be set

thanks :slight_smile:

Blender embeds Python inside it and does not add anything to the language. If you are looking for syntax stuff then you should just do a regular Python tutorial. Blender only adds custom modules that let you interact with Blender specific functionality. But all the Python syntax is standard Python.

But, you can also find some video tutorials on Blender Python over on Blender Cookie. I’d suggestion you start with Introduction to Scripting with Blender Python and then move on to these others.