The New Experimental 3D Art

Hi Blender Artists! Check out this… I’m studying the new abstract 3d art and trying to achieve it in Blender.

These are some of my first awful attempts but I want to leave my progress here…

sorry for the noise


These are nice, Sebastian! If you’re into abstract, be sure to look through VickyM72’s sketchbook. She has a number of nice pieces that could serve as inspiration and to show what you can do with it.

Thanks gradyp, I will take a look. But I would like to go into something like this

Those look really cool, Sebastian! Your lighting and materials look good, and the composition itself is interesting. Have you tried this with Blender Internal? You might be able to get faster results with less noise. I find using an environmental map is a simple way to get the look of ambient light without longer render times.

And those examples you linked to are awesome! It makes me want to try the technique myself!

Thank you James! I like your idea, it would save me a lot of time. I don’t know why I didn’t think it before.

Yes, they look amazing… and the Bertrand Benoit version… wow!

Se ven muy bien Sebas!

Nada más ayer estaba viendo esos renders que usaste como referencia en otro sitio y pensé en hacer mis propios experimentos, creo que ya es hora de empezar :slight_smile:

Gracias julperado, hágale :slight_smile:

The result is really good !
Could you give me some clue about how to obtain these 3D maps? Is there some tutorial out there?


Displacement modifier with proper texture, especially those with grayscale used for CAM design. Am i right ?

Nope, these are particles and the length is set by a grayscale. :slight_smile: