The new Ipods!

What do people think of the new and revised Ipods?

On apple’s front page —


I have never owned an iPod; however, I do have an opinion about them. While they are a great player, it just seems like Apple keeps re-releasing the same product over and over. How much better can an mp3 player be–besides hardware (ex:storage), gui mods, and different cases? I would like to congratulate Apple, though, for their ability to market and sell so many of them, and their way of getting people to “upgrade” over and over again.

I find it quite interesting how the iPod has effected society. I remember when I was in high school how “cool” someone was if they had one! Pretty soon everyone had one and it became cliche. Then Apple releases the “newer” ipod and everyone has to get one of those… and so on and so forth. Definitely an effective way to sell your product if you ask me.

One thing that I would like to see Apple do to their iPod is allow for more file types. If I had the 160GB all of the songs would be in high quality formats (ex: ogg vorbis)…

If you have an iPod, that’s cool. For me, I’ll stick to one that was actually given to me by a friend (Creative Zen Micro)!


Im ordering mine now…anybody want an old nano?

The iphone price was revised quite dramatically too. $200 off each model.

I can’t say the ipods have ever appealed to me because I’m rarely in a situation where I need to use one. My car journeys would be one example but usually they are short and I never saw fit to splash out that kind of money on a music player.

However, I bought an external mobile hard drive for about £80 and it got me thinking that the larger ipods are around that capacity but even smaller physically and aren’t that much more. Then I’d get both a storage drive and a music player in one.

One of the biggest draws for me of course is that they run OS X now and not the Pixo OS. I hope with greater uptake that more hacks are developed like the ones that have been done for the iphone so it can be more like a PDA. This would be the the touch screen model though and I don’t think I’ll be buying one of them soon.

ipods are nice and all but there are a lot of alternatives for cheaper prices with the same quality
i personally now own an ipod shuffle 2nd gen and its ok.

previously when the nano came out i bought an alternative, Sandisk Sansa e250 which was nanos rival and to tell u the truth it was cheaper and ebtter, even had video playback

long sotry short, ipods are overated

To paraphrase a comment on SlashDot, it’s about time someone bought out a mobile phone that’s got so many features it can’t actually make calls!

Way over rated, and way over priced… just my opinion :smiley:

Its one thing to watch a movie on a little tiny screen for free,
but paying for a movie and then to watch it on a screen that small is totally absurd to me.

dose your neck get kinked and your arms get tired after the first half hour?

i know pleanty of ppl who own ipod video,non of them actually watch video on them, and many dont even take them outside because they are so dam bulky to haul around, and lets be honest, does any 1 actually have more then like 10 gigs of music that they ACTUALLY LISTEN TO, the ipods have 160 gb hardrive WHY?

i have around 50gb of music, about 100gb of audio books, and 20 or so gb of videos. not all are on my creative zen vision:m, but a lot of the music is.

will u honestly listen to all that at 1s? it would probably be a lot easier to just retransfer that music while its charging and only cary a 10 gb size of ipod for example

and plus i seriously doubt that you own all that music and actually paid for it (im talking in legal sense, who the hell would have so much content) correct me if im wrong, but most people just illegally download the content

no correction, its quite darn true, mate! :smiley:

I don’t like iPod but if the iTouch will iHave the iSame iScreens as the iPhone then the iSensitive iScreen iWill iLoose its iSensitivity after a iShort iPeriod iLeaving you with a iSenslessTouch…
And I hate there iStupid i before iEvery iFreaking iWord!

and I copyright all those freaking iWords to save iHumanity from iHaving to iHear the iEver iAgain.

now where is that Wii…

Wow such original design!!

But I’m still going to use my PSP for music and such.

How much for?

I have the original iPod Nano and im satisfied, but the new Nano seems like a significant leap forward… But ill have to resist the temptation, im saving up for an Uber quad-core SLi computer :eyebrowlift:

@Alltaken: Howabout 100$? It cost 200 originally(8 GB), Im takin’ off 70 since its last generation, and 30 because its got an engraving on the back:
eat.sleep.rock Pray

So if you’re not religious, that wont really work :slight_smile: Seriously, If anybody is interested, send em a PM. Im proabably just gonna ebay it in the end, see if I can get 60 bucks…

Only if you’re watching porn.

They’re not that bulky, two people I work beside take them to work daily. They put TV episodes on them like Family Guy for train journeys etc. It’s true they’d probably only watch one or two episodes per journey but it’s convenient not having to think about what ones to transfer.

taken from The Inquirer …


not entirely related to the OP, but close enough … IMO.

Apple fanbois are “the stupid”

Comment Taking customers to the cleaners

By Charlie Demerjian: Thursday 06 September 2007, 10:01

WHY HAS no one cried foul about Apple’s unannounced $200 price drop yet? It launched the Iphone fashion accessory a mere two months ago, and now it is dropping the price by 1/3rd and killing the lowest model. This says a lot about how cynically Apple uses their fans, hereafter referred to as ‘the stupid’.

Think about it, two months for a 33% price drop, there is no way this can be spun well, it is just bad for Apple and bad for Iphone owners. Why is that? Well, from Apple’s perspective, it either planned this before hand or did it in a reactionary way. Neither is good news.

If it did it in a reactionary way, it had to be a reaction to something, and I will go out on a limb and say it is not overly brisk sales. In fact, if you remember shortly after the iPhone fashion accessory went on sale, a bunch of Apple following analysts came out and said first week/month/whatnot sales were far below expectations.

This was shortly backpedalled on as ‘overly high expectations on our part’ and other twaddle. I sense the heavy hand of Apple IR/AR leaning on the analyst community. The reactionary side basically translates to ‘sales blow’ and if you talk about it, we’ll cut you off.

One could argue that components dropped in price, and flash memory is a very volatile market. Flash costs somewhere around $10/GB in volume, so 8GB of flash would have to drop to the point where the makers are paying Apple $15/G to take it off their hands, hardly likely, to cover this. A custom CPU and a custom screen are also unlikely to drop that much that fast. In the end, cost drop is hugely unlikely as a cause.

The third scenario is that Apple fleeced the stupid, and that’s millions of you. It knew the drooling yet amazingly stupid fanbois would pay any price for the iPhone, so it did just that, jacked the price up. The stupid dutifully paid $200 extra for it, and walked away happy. Morons.

If Apple did this, congratulations for coming out of your shell. Your fanbois are a rich source of unending income, fleece them. The Iphone is a start, now you know the trick. Build up the hype for months, and then suck the wallets of the stupid dry with a mediocre or worse product for exorbitant rates.

When it breaks seven months later, coincidentally three hours after the warranty expires, call them stupid and tell them to buy another. They are stupid, they will. You win! A few months later, release another Intel reference design wrapped in white plastic just well enough to drive reliability into the toilet, and you win again! Genius.

In the end, I think it is a combination of sales blowing and naked fleecing of the stupid. I think Apple would have gone on repentantly fleecing the stupid, but sales did not allow for that. All the miserable sales did was force Apple’s hand and expose the hypocrisy. Luckily, all of the stupid out there are locked into a long term contract they can’t get out of to a carrier that unrepentantly screws its customers. Does Apple care? Hell no, it has your money, the blame falls on Cingular/ATT, and did I mention the new iWhatnot we have coming out soon?

On one hand, I salute Apple for finally fleecing the stupid. On the other, I think this is the first sign of the ball of yarn unraveling. Apple will spin the Ipone as a huge success, and compared to sales of zero up till now, it is. I don’t think it will meet internal expectations though, and that is going to bite them harder then they bit the stupid. µ

Those actually look quite nice. I just wouldn’t like to support a big corporation such as Apple.

iSmell iPoo … somebody at apple was typing in vim too much …