...:::The New Rick Rolled:::...

Introducing the new “Rick Rolled”, use this vid now instead of the old 80’s classic.

The vid was created a few years ago, it was first posted on myspace vids, but I took it off of there and uploaded it to YouTube, it stars myself (the fat jackblackish looking chap), when it was first shown on myspace highschool kids from 3 districts started imitating it, it is, LEGENDARY.


That vid is my gift to the world.

I will sometime soon do a Peanut Butter Jelly Time vid that when seen will boggle your mind and make you cry like a little girl.


It just doesn’t have the same effect. The fact that the guy is actually trying to be silly, like millions of idiots on youtube, just makes it too embarrassing to watch.

You should be Jack Black’s stunt double or something.

But no, this is not a replacement for Rick Roll.

This is the only thing I’ve found that even comes close to rick rolling someone:

or maybe this

Holy crap… over twenty million views.

I’d probably enjoy the video more if you didn’t have a long history of borderline psychotic behavior.

Oh yeah, and calling the rest of the community assholes…not the best call really. Don’t bother with the peanut butter jelly thing. thanks.

I dont see this getting to 20,000,000 views… :wink: