The New Twilight Zone--What Do You Think?

(CubeFan973) #1

For someone who seems to be considered a “Twilight Zone” geek (apparently I’m also known as “The Twilight Zone dude”), I personally don’t like it very much. Most of the time I can see the plot twist 10 minutes before it happens.


1.1 “Evergreen” A girl’s family checks into a gated community that immediately gets rid of the girl’s tatoos/piercings. She meets a boy who warns her about Arcadia, which she guesses is a boarding school, but when she gets into trouble, she is sent to Arcadia… Fertilizer Company. I like the ending (earlier, you saw a tree being planted, which was kind of a clue), but that is NOT surreal!

1.2 I don’t know the episode name. Death checks into a hospital and tells a doctor that he’s not doing anymore killing. The doctor doesn’t believe it until he sees that a newspaper has no obituaries due to no deaths reported for the day. He eventually convinces Death to start collecting again, which means that he’s immediately killed. Oohh… good surreal plot, but that “twist” isn’t anything near the originals!

2.1 “Shades Of Doubt” A white man is told by a black to let him into his car. He drives off, and the black man is killed. Eventually, the white man begins to turn into the black man, and eventually he experiences the hate crime the man died of. Suddenly, the white man turns back and pickjs him up, because he wondered what would happen if it was him. I saw that ending 10 minutes before it happened! All right, I didn’t guess that he’d turn back, but still…

2.2 “Dream Lover” A graphic novelist draws a girl to inspire him. She comes to life, and inspires him until he finds her flirting with a cable guy. When he tries punching the cable guy, his hand goes right through him. However, as it turns out, the girl is real, but he is not, and she erases him from existence. Nice special effects for making the drawings come to life, but the plot isn’t near “TZ” style. (Since when did you see sex on the original “TZ?” Well, it wasn’t explicit, but it did show them rolling around…) And, that ending came to me quite soon after he tried punching the cable guy (who isn’t Jim Carrey, by the way).

3.1 Don’t know episode name yet. (Episode 3 hasn’t showed yet!) A woman time travels to kill Hitler as a baby. Um… I swear, that’s almost the same plot as an episode of my anthology series! They both involve killing Hitler. This means two things: 1. I have to get rid of that episode, and 2. The story seems to be cliched…

3.2 Again, I don’t know the name. A woman finds herself stalked by a phantom bus. Let me guess… she’s dead, and the bus is supposed to take her to the afterlife? If that’s the ending, I have the right to dance around and say, “I told you so!”

Bad? Pretty much, but I’ve heard that stars are lining up for future episodes. I’m not sure if it’s the scripts or the money, though… And the original introduced the stars, not showed them again (the second incarnation did–Bruce Willis was in the first episode before “Die Hard”). This sucks.

(NateTG) #2

is that a rhetorical post? :-?

[edit] Oh I see, I didn’t read the subject. OK, i guess. Originals are better. [/edit]

(rwv01) #3

I havn’t seen the new one yet but I think I’ll always prefer the origional series myself. I love the style. simple but always poinient. And being in black and white it has an elseworldly “noir” efferct. This was Rod Serling’s forum. What a fantastic writer he was!

(CubeFan973) #4

Strangely, the 3rd episode was actually quite good. The twists couldn’t be seen from 10 minutes away. It was about a girl who time travels to kill Hitler, and a girl being stalked by a bus.

The 4th episode was so-so. The first story was a strage thing about a man being shot in a dream by someone who says “Wake up,” then he wakes up… only to find the wound on himself! Then it keeps happening: The “Wake Up” guy keeps shooting him, and he keeps waking up to a new part of the nightmare. The twist actually fits. The episode was cool.

The second part was like a schlocky “Speilberg Wannabe.” A kid summons his comic book hero from a model, and he learns some lessons from the experience. Yawn There’s a twist, but nowhere do you guess what happens because of how implasuable it looks in the end.

While nowhere near the original, it’s improving. Hopefully, it will learn to seperate the good scripts from the bad ones. Next week: the pilot where an electrician gets hit by lightning, and can hear people’s thoughts. 1 hour? The fourth season (the hour long) “Twilight Zone” sucked most of the time. Hopefully, Johnathan Frakes’ (Riker on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”) direction can help.

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The New Twilight Zone – What do you think?

I think I’m tired of hearing about the freakin Twilight Zone and Cube, find something else to obsess over. Please.

(Bapsis) #6

I watched only the premeire so far, mostly because it was after the season premeire of Enterprise. I guess maybe i havent seen enough to judge, but from what i have seen i would rather spend my time in Blender!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

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YAY! I’m annoying!

Okay… how about “The Outer Limits?” :smiley: :smiley: