The night burglar [WIP]

Hello, this is the first ever game in blender that I try to create.


I finished 80% of the stuff I wanted the game to have.

Right now the game is down to 7-8 fps cause I was not careful but I’ll update again upon fix.

The plot is the following: A burglar listens to a transmitted message (right now in greek with intented noise) that gives him info about which exhibit he should steal and goes on to steal the right one. The exhibits are 3 right now and interactable.

Flashlight model from userdewhead24 from blendswap.
Character from Wayward art company.
And character’s animation rig from user natewinck of blenderartists.
Textures used from cg textures and noises from freesound.

Some images or gameplay would be nice so we can see what it is like.

90% logic, ~5.5 FPS. And I have got pretty good CPU here. What have you done there to make it not run at all? I was waiting for 30 seconds before Esc finally works out.

Hahahahaha sorry XD . Constantly running scripts is my guess and a cell fracture breaking glass realtime(when you press 4) that kills it. I’ll update upon fix.