The Night Watch

Hello Guys,
This is my latest project. Mainly, I tried to make a high-poly model from a blueprint but after that I decided to build a little scene for my model. Here’s the result:

It was modeled with Blender, rendered with Cycles and then edited with Photoshop. Most of the Textures are taken from CGTextures.

C&C are welcome :wink: !

Nice one :yes:

I love it, somehow it reminds me of Killzone :smiley:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
I didn’t think of killzone while modeling it but I see what you mean ;).
It is actually loosely based on a scene in the movie Patlabor 2.

That’s a good job done. :slight_smile:

Very nice indeed, and a fitting title too. :slight_smile:

That is one beautiful render :smiley: Great Job!!!

Incredible Job man!

Thanks for the kind words, guys! :slight_smile:

Since i personally find the way someone achieved an image always interesting i thought I’d share a bit of the process with you: :wink:

(I forgot to turn on the snow-layer in these images :frowning: )
Here are the stages:

In blender:

“raw” rendering with Cycles (~300 samples. in the final image i used 2048):

after the compositing nodes:

After that, I saved this image as a 16bit tiff-file to be able to grade it properly without creating nasty artifacts.
I had to use Photoshop here because Gimp does not support more than 8bit at the moment.
If you open the last image you can clearly see some color-banding going on in the sky. The solution for this is to add
a little noise to the image.

I hope somebody found that helpful or at least interesting :wink:

That is absolutely gorgeous. I love the hard metal style of the trucks contrasted with the old stone.

Awesome job man. You really did a beautiful night scene which I intended to do for quite some time. Good work especially with the lightning.