The Oasis

Hey guys! This is the oasis, a simple idea really, ultimately it is a floating island, the fun part is in how I made it, I started from an icosphere then set a single key frame on its Z rotation axis, added a generate modifier to the animation curve with a low rotation value, basically it created a turn table and I began sculpting from there.

I hope you find the technique useful :slight_smile:

And now, screenshots!

I intend to finish this project, but that involves much more then just sculpting so it may be a bit because I am a busy man, nonetheless this is only a couple hours of actual work time.

A nice and rock solid start, if you allow me the pun :slight_smile: Will it be flying in the air?

It will be :slight_smile:

Another update for you guys

Note - this is a orthographic screen shot.

1.1 million faces so far, I will go to about 3 million faces with dyntopo then bounce over to multires to get some more. Aiming for around 8-10 million, even if I have to split the thing up into multiple objects to do it. Then its on to the scenery, thinking about throwing a cabin in, some stairs going up the spire, some seagulls, palm trees, beaches, waterfalls, the works :slight_smile:

Another update;

Coming along nicely.

And here is another just had to decimate, maintaining just over a million faces.

Imagine the above screen shot with vegetation, moss, a little cabin, hanging vines, some exposed crystal under the base, waterfalls, maybe some birds, will be great :slight_smile:

Another update, at 2 million faces now, sadly running into the limit of what my machine can pull off with dyntopo, looks like its time to switch to multires, see how high I can go then.

awesome stuff

The sculpt looks great. If you want to switch to multires it’s time for retopology now - and I’m very curious how the wires will look like.

Very nice design. I did a simulation of fountain and i use a tube to shot the water, my problem was the bowl was in the way so make sure the rock is clear inside where the tube will be have the water shot out and run down a slide, so you have looping animation. You basically have the bowl and tube already.

I found that by going into edit mode and removing doubles I was able to find a level of detail I liked and preferred over decimate, I am currently going over the model again with the polish brush and expect to end this phase at around 2 million faces without any loss of detail that should be discernible.

I will leave and update as soon as I am finished with this phase.

The final model will likely have more then one UV map, the first being inclusive of the final mesh and several others that will break the island into seperate detailed uv’s, for close up shots.

I intend to use the environment to its full extent as often as I am able.

I will likely use water simulation only with the waterfalls, in conjunction with smoke simulations, these may need to loop but the lake and the fountain top here will be animated normals or something along those lines.

Some updates;