The object cross area for the physic and aerodynamic equations


I was wondering how it would be possible to measure the object/s cross area towards specific direction in Blender.

I would like to know what’s the ball hammer cross area towards the velocity vector, when it’s turning 180 degree from shaft first attitude to ball first attitude during the free fall. I need this info for my physics & aerodynamics modeling/testing/learning in BGE.

Here is one solution, which come to my mind:

The ‘stand-alone’ script in blend file requires the Python Image Library (PIL) installation:

  • Model the hammer object 1:1 scale
  • Set camera as close as possible with to the Orthographic mode
  • Make with IPO the180 degree turn
  • Render animation without shadows and OSA to get sharp borders and pure colors
  • Run ‘Colors to Areas’ script from same folder where the rendered animation is.
  • Check the maximum total area value and feed it in to the

    Conversion factor.

    fc = [max area value here] /(3.14159265 * [the ball radius here]**2)
  • Rerun the script and get the scaled values This very rough version without any tuning and path settings etc.

My question is
Is it possible to do without PIL? Just with Blender (and python)?

Why?What for?
My final target is to get the Flight Dynamics Model for the Blender Game Engine (FDM4BGE) alpha 0.007 version done some day:

The sample .blend file is here:

Thank you for your feed back