The Old Building

hey, I’ve made this building and am quite content with it (although I am always open to suggestions) But… I can not figure out how to texture it. I want it to be aged but not damaged. I want it to go in the same direction as the building on this site:

any suggestions?


The building on the site you referenced gets a lot of its color from its surroundings.

so I need a good reflective material for the glass?

theres a lot of brown to make it look dirty in that pic, like surrounding each window

Hey that is a nice building, but were are the doors? All you have is the dome, but how to get in there?
The windows should be transparent and reflective.(though you can keep the color) and since windows are reflective they will reflect the surroundings, so you might want to add some clouds and i guess make kind of the same weather as in the reference link you gave. As for the metal, i cant help you with that…but i hear alot of people use for their base textures. You can always go with procedural ofcorce.

Looking forward to the final render!

this is the new one. The reason the center is blank is because I could not get the texture I used to actually look good… so what do I need to do further more?

((by the way this is not how the camera would be placed in the final render (it’s a film))


Looks like you got it, looks pretty good!