The Old Demons Delight

“Broken and deprived of his immortality for betraying his own people, the old demon now dwells in his slowly rotting body deep inside his lair. Aware of the fact that his final day will come, he’s contemplating about his old days of glory, knowing that these times will never return.”

Hey guys,

here’s a picture I created with the help of some awesome free models I found on Sketchfab. I highly modified them and added a lot of my own stuff to turn it into some kind of a steampunk scene with a little Diablo’esque touch. Apologies if it’s not allowed to post artworks that are not 100% my own but it’s my first post in the finished projects board.

At the end this will turn into a 64 channel live wallpaper for the Windows desktop with the keys moving to your tunes and fire coming out of the tubes above the keys. I already build an early alpha version with nearly half of the keys moving to my music. Insane fun.

Thanks for checking out the picture. ^^


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Wow…thanks. This is a really great surprise seeing my picture among all these talented artists. ^^

After months of work my kind of Diablo’esque steampunk piano for the desktop is finally finished. Under the hood it’s a 64 channel visualizer that plays the keys to any tune I feed it, starting from the lowest frequencies on the left side to the highest on the right. This was all done in Blender with some compositing done in Davinci Resolve. It also includes full Windows Media Integration to show the cover, the artist and the song titles.

If you’re into realtime beat response fell free to check out the video. Enjoy. ^^

Here are the sources I used, freely available on Sketchfab. I did some huge modifications to make them fit the scene.

“Steampunk Handgun” ( by proskomid
“Steampunk Lamp” ( by barism09
“Lantern” ( by Ayouloo
“Blood Demon” ( by PierreHuot
“Upright Piano” ( by AleixoAlonso
“The King In Yellow” ( by CinekR9

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