The old, Open gl render question

Just curious if anyone has seen any thought or development towards opengl as a render source inside/outside Blender.

There is noting new to report that I know of, and yes I know that most will say cgcard hardware render is slower. Thata may be true, but how can wee know unless we see it >Z?

I have tried this. But it is not working at all yet… I will see further into it later, has anyone else got it to wotk ?

i sure hope no one says that hardware render is slower. I know from using Maya that hardware renders (i have a 6600GT) anything without gi or raytrace extremely quickly.

i wish we had it, but I assume that it is hard to program.

Technically the screen render (the button to the right of the padlock) will be a hardware render so you can see it’s pretty quick. All that’s needed are some added shadow calculations using stencils.

The trouble with hardware is that without programmable shaders, there isn’t much more you can do than video game quality stuff and with shaders, you may sacrifice compatibility.

It’s also just an added workload on the developers, who I think are probably pretty stretched as it is.

I found the hardware renders good in Maya for certain special effects, which render very quickly and for quick previews of animations and for that, you’d just need to add maybe post-pro AA and stencil shadows to the current window render.

Ya the hardware render in blender is right on the ball, it just needs an update to current cg card stuff shaders and stuff. Bu7t again it all maters on when a coder has time and consern in that feature field. Even if it was created with windows only stuff I would be clamoring to find a windows box that could use it. Though opengl is pretty universal as I heard.

I wrote a mqo export script for blender… just do a search on it… it works for me I think its awsome.

Err does that program have a realtime renderer and opengl stuff ??

… its a 3d modeling application, It has realtime rendering, but all it features is AA and DOF [with no controls]

More Realtime render goodness :smiley:

i think it will just be very usefull when you could render animations using opengl shading even without any shadows or other extras.

i think it should not be to difficult to write the opengl screen buffer of the camera into a movie file.


You can already do this and have been able to for years. Shift click the render preview button in the 3dview header.


Yeah but I think the shift-click thing was a bit buggy… I’m sure it didn’t render the background color you set for blender when animating… that sort of thing.