The Orbital Diner (Sci-Fi Restaurant)

The Orbital Diner is my first, of many to come, 3D/Music project.
In this first EP we are in a sci-fi diner that orbits around the earth (The Orbital Diner). The idea is to showcase a different angle of the diner for each song, and they are 8 in total.

This is my first attempt on modeling a full interior scene, and I intended it to be 4k, so I was not sure on how much time I should invest on details. But I think I overdid it in some parts. I wish I knew this site before starting this project, I could have used some feedback, but there will always be a next time.

So the next pics are 4 of the 8 angles (and the fifth is the one above), and follwing that are some close ups on details.

And I’ll leave a link to one of the songs for those who would like to see the scene in motion and to hear the music. Check the channel if you want to see the other ones:

I hope yall like it. :grin:
Peace. :v:


:+1: congrats.

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Thank you!

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