The Other Side

Just a little scene I’ve been working on.

It’s loosely based on a sketch I did a few months ago.

The sky (unfinished) is based on a little sight I saw last week. I was at work. I walked outside, and looked up. The sky was overcast/cloudy, but there was a hole up there, and through that hole I could see golden clouds. It was pretty neat.

A very nice scene one thing you could do to make it better is add a sunbeam from the one spot.

I’ve attempted that effect using spotlight-halos, but I can’t get it looking any good.
What sort of a setup would you use to get that effect in Blender?

Well blender isn’t working on my computer right now so I can’t check. But maybe find a image or make one of the clouds with an alpha map and lower its transparency in blender and have a spot light with volumetric lighting shine on that so it will break up like the image.

Oh, right! I tried a similar thing earlier, minus the image with alpha.

Thanks man!

Thanks man, got that sorted!


Large version -

Interesting image! I think the clouds around the hole need to have more mass. The transition is just too cleanly blended. Give it more structure.
The sunrays can also be produced by using planes with emit and alpha < 1 and the compositor.

How did you do the ocean? I really like it.

The ocean is a heavily subsurfed grid. I added two cloud textures - one mapped to displacement, and the other to colour. the colour one gives the foamy look, while the displacement gives the physical waves.
It was mostly a ‘test and see if it works’ situation.

Le Update;

Photo filters in Photoshop with two layers.
I used an image from CGTextures for the sky, editing it in photoshop to make the ‘hole’, putting another image from CGTextures behind it, then touching it up by hand.

Re add the sunrays and the direction of the rain does not conform to the direction the waves are going. The rain should be going diagonal from left to right as the waves clearly indicate a wind direction from left to right.

Yeah, just as the render finished I realised that I forgot to move the wind back into the renderlayer.

Nice image - I see you have added some background land mass (I gather ?) to the rough seas. I think you are onto something superb.

The land masses aren’t supposed to be there at this stage - the dark blobs you see are just the bottom-most chunks on the sky texture I’m using. I might add some background to it later on though, great idea!

The sea looks a bit like rock.

Is it the shape of the sea or the material that makes it look ‘wrong’? I can’t seem to figure out exactly why it looks off.