The Pale Fairy comic poster

Hi everyone, here is a poster for an original comic that I am working on.
She’s a young modern day necromancer who travel around taking odd jobs while evading the cops.
The comic will have 2D shading style, but for the poster, I think a realistic style is cooler.
Cloth modeled in Marvelous Designer
Fire is hand painted in Photoshop
The rest are done in Blender


She looks great. Love the hair, and I’ve always been a sucker for a woman in a suit. I’d be curious to check the comic out when it’s complete.

That said, I know these days the industry standard is to hire separate artists for the covers and the interiors, so it’s not “wrong” to use a different style for both, I just don’t understand why people wouldn’t want the cover art to be representative of the interior art. I don’t get it. Cover looks cool, regardless.