The Panda Brewmaster (UPDATES: Original Clothing Set done)

The Panda Brewmaster, short for Pandaren, are powerful Panda like creatures that love to fight just as much as they love to drink.



Wire - Only 1192 Polygons

All I got to do is make a Rig, get the Vertex groups, make him some clothing, and then, ( maybe add some static particles to simulate hair/fur) and then Im done.
I was going for a cartoony, blurry, pastel kind of texture, just like they are in the game WoW and War3. The face is actually a heavily modified ( via Photoshop ) version of the texture found in Warcraft III, since I don’t have a tablet, I had to use blurring and such to duplicate the cartoon effect. The rest of the body, is just blurred and smudged patterns found in Photoshop.
This is my third character model in my life, how do you think he’s coming?

Wow thats pretty nice :slight_smile: Good job! Makes me think of wow graphics to be honest.

Thanks. I tried to match the textures as close to Warcraft as possible. ( Just really cartoony really )

Im almost done the armature Rig, I’ll post it in a few hours when I finish everything. ( I just got to get the back and face rigs done )

I think he’d loook a bit better if he were subsurficed…

though saying that, he may loose some of his character

overall though, well done, i have tryed to make characters many a time and failed badly… good job

Thanks, but Im not one to use Subsurf that much. Personally I think it makes everything look very clay like and fake. And since I plan to get into game design and animation, I don’t want to make very high poly models.

Normal mapping is part of the future of that industry, alas. so are high poly models, get to practicing! :wink:
edit: and a nice pandaren, i like the head(could have been unwraped a bit better though, i think, just a tad bit) now the body looks a bit worst(not bad though), the ugly line on the back, for an example… :wink:
also view-port screenshots for wire-frame shots are better! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice.

But when you say the head could be better unwrapped, what exactly do you mean by that? I don’t know how I can actually unwrap it any better than that as it is (see screenshot)

Heres the Texture map if anyone’s interested: (watermarked mind)

And here’s the texture map mixed with the face setup:


I finished the first set of clothing and started the vertex group and animating process, I’m pretty far, but don’t have any keys set just yet, so, these are just stills of the finished clothing and accessories:

nah, actually what i meant was that i like the head, but the body could be better(the seam on the back for an example), but as you have added clothing to him, then i don’t see a problem in that, anymore… :wink:

Ah, I see then, thanks.

The seam on the back I tried to cover up the best I could after you suggested it ( with Texture paint) but its still visible, but not as bad as the first few screenshot show it :smiley: