The Pattern

After a log time of inactivity with blender i was inspired by a fantasy book The Amber series to make this pattern-thing. It was rendered with indigo renderer and this is after 27h of rendering. hope u like it


I like it… but not 27 hours like it.
Maybe there is something you could do to speed it up.

The rendering time was just a funny sidenote, nothing worthy of a critique. Some things take a while to render even though they don’t look incredibly detailed.

I like it, it’s interesting to see a symbol like that which you usually only see in 2d, in a 3d perspective!

yes the 27 hours rendering was just a side note i just let it render and when i came back home it was on 27 hours rendering hehe. The simbol is a mash emitter object so all the lighting is produced by it so thats why in the begining of the rendering the picture had a lot of noise

Cool. Looks more like a neon lamp than the Pattern, though, but I know where you’re coming from.