The Perfect Sunday Afternoon.

I have been learning blender lately (last year or so) and this was a project I’ve been kicking around for some time. A friend of mine modelled the light house and exported it from google sketchup. I created everything else. I did this as a blender render, but without Broken’s linearization code it just doesn’t turn out right (can’t wait for 2.5). It was overexposed in several places and I could never get the sky to look right. I tried this out in lux and although I wasn’t as pleased with the materials (especially if you zoom in), I really liked the lighting and exposure better. Well, I’ve been kicking this around as a learning experience so I long, I thought I would post it for anyone who wants it. It makes a great screen background desktop. Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance for the comments!


OK, I redid everything yesterday and rendered it overnight. I fixed the overexposure with the Burn slider in the Lux render window. Lux’s interactive lighting while it’s rendering is pretty cool. I wish Blender internal had that. Any more comments would really be appreciated.

And here I am posting my final render for anyone who wants it, thank you all for your comments. I have posted in Lux’s Gallery as well.


The grass looks somewhat tiled i think, and the waves on the ocean do not look very natural to me. And guessing from the shadows, it looks like its sunset or dawn, but not afternoon. However, everyone images a different afternoon. But for me afternoons are hot and have not that long shadows.
I really like the plane and the lighthouse. Also the crest of the waves seem to be nice where they met the rocks.
Why not add some rocks down there? Also its quite too saturated for me. Trying lowering the saturation…me’s sure it will improve the feeling :wink:

just me 2 cent,

Great suggestions, I’ll fix the tiling, and you are right, it would probably be more aptly named evening. But I thought that calling it afternoon would give a feeling of it lasting a long time where you don’t realize the time has gone so quickly. I’ll move the sun off a ways. to improve saturation. I used to light this scene from above, but I’ve found over time I just like it more when it’s getting dark.

why not de-saturate it “in the post”? Using Blenders compositing nodes, this can be achieved easily. I look forward to the new version :slight_smile:
ganbate ne :wink:

As laune said, water and grass doesn’t look right. Also, I think there is too much light on the shadow-side of the lighthouse, it doesn’t feel like the sun is on the other side, like if you had a Hemi light, I really miss some dark shadows. The general feeling of the composition is very nice and I’m looking forward for an update! :slight_smile:

Thank you all for your comments. I posted my final render, there’s a higher res version in the lux gallery if anyone wants it.