The Perfect Walk Cycle

OK so this one has probably been asked millions of times, so please forgive me…here goes…for an average walk cycle, how many frames long should it be? Specifically how long should walking one pace take?

Well, that all depends on how long you want it to be! Put yourself in the character of the model you’re rigging, and time how long it takes you to make 10 steps. Divide by ten, and you’ve got time per step. Multiply by 25 (PAL) or 29.97 (NTSC) and you’ve got the number of frames.

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you could make it easy on urself and animate the walkcycle by going 5 frames inbetween poses, do a quick teset render, and if its too fast or slow, go into action window and select all the action dots and scale em up and down, scale em up to slow the walk down, scale em down to make it faster

i jut record myself walking and then apply it to blender

Jeeze Louise, people, a simple question deserves a simple answer: a normal walking pace is about one second, complete cycle (two steps.) From left foot hits the ground to left foot hits the ground again, is 25 frames (or 30 frames if you’re doing 30 frames per second.)

Adjust for a faster or slower pace. This will look like someone is walking along with no particular sense of urgency, but not dawdling, either.