The Pilot Scene

I desided to take part on CGNetwork’s Spectacular - contest (my works at I’m not good with pen…) and model a pilot on a small rocket (or a missle) flying through a city. And I try to capture some 1950’s athmosphere mixed with eternal rush of today. I post a better scetch when my scanner agres to work again.

For some reason I started the modelling from the pilot. Here’s what I have done so far. I know there are some things to fix around the mouth but I haven’t figured out yet what should be done.

Any C&C are welcome.


EARS! It needs ears!

Not a bad start on the head at all. Loops are very good and clean.

The eyes look to be large comared to the size of the head. You may want to correct that. The nose looks a bit cubic as well. Soften that up some.

And yes, it does need ears. :stuck_out_tongue:


Added ears. Scaled eyes. I think they look much better now.


Some more.


Good work. Legs are kind of skinny.

(sorry my english)

where the ear join the face … i dont know why but seems weird…

Yes. The ears look weird. Maby that’s why they will leave the head soon :smiley:

Done some updates for the model.



Do I give him scarf? What do you think? Does he need one?

And any other comments?


Do I give him scarf? What do you think? Does he need one?

i dont think he needs ine…but if you give him a scarf it would be cool…

I’ve been working with the street lately.

The scene has over 900 objects and YafRay has a little problems with the rendering. Guess I need to join some of the objects to one.

Now I just need to texture the nearest buildings (no one would see textures on the farest buildings) and the road. After that I will model the other people and cars.


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Here’s some textures for the walls.


Some more.

C&c’s still welcome.


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