"The Pit" at University of North Carolina

A conceptual spatial study perspective rendering to go along with schematic plan for revisions to a historic part of UNC’s main campus. I kept this very loose with additional filters due to time constraints from the client (not enough time for great detail or materials). Not a great image, but it was successful in getting the job sold.

i like this pencil render effect,captures the feel of the place.how was the sketch effect and trees done?

Thank you. I added the people in Photoshop, then created a few filter images using Fotosketcher and then overlaid in Photoshop. The trees are .obj models from Evermotion, I converted them to .blend files. This is my go-to formula for creating “quick” scenes, when I have clients with a tight budget, and I cannot devote a lot of time worrying about realistic materials/textures. Also, I have found that keeping the image sketchy and loose helps to keep the realization that the design is not completely figured out yet.