The Pixelization Effect (with BLEND)

Hi All,

After showing the Mostyle inspired piece, “Styled Car Through Terrain”, I thought I would make a short video demonstrating how to achieve the entire effect in Blender without using any Cinema4D components.

You can view the video here:

Also feel free to download the deployment Blender scene I mention in the video. To reduce the file size, I created a low-res version of the cloner mesh called “me_low-res”. The hi-res version of the mesh is still in the file, it is called “me-hi-res”. Simply swap them out and you will achieve the same look I have in the video.


ras_luma_map_deployment.blend (470 KB)

Nice work! Very clever porting over of the Cinema 4D technique to Blender.

whoa! clever… Very very good job, Atom!

heres my try

awesome idea!


@Natholas: Nice job. You solved the jumping problem.

hey atom thanks for the reply… i did this in 2.5 and i got the cubes to go where i wanted them to by adding a particle system instead of using dupliverts which is im guessing what you used? i never ran into the jumping problem… the only real problem that i ran into is when i added the z map as an avi to a plane blender kept crashing (probably just 2.5) so i had to use an image sequence… thank you so much for the tut… after i saw the video you put up i was trying to think of how you managed to do this… lol… im defianly going to do more of these… and actually use a bit better models :stuck_out_tongue: (for this i used a 20 polly car and a cube and triangle house… lol

This looks very cool, great job!

Shouldn’t this be called the “Voxelation Effect” since you’re using voxels, not pixels?

yes, i will try this, thanks alot

Thx. I knew i saw it earlier and had som trouble finding it again.

Wow, thats really cool!
Im having some trouble with the blend, though; i think because the seq images are missing?
I cant figure out where the animation is coming from. The only node window object is the blur effect (very cool BTW) but i thought this was being driven by a node-based image sequence?