The Queens Crown

I crown I made recently. Tell me what you guys think!

This took 1 hour and 30 minutes to render at 500 passes.

It’s rather plain. Queens seem to prefer a lot more filigree and jewel incrustation on their crowns. I’m sure a lot of that was simple one-upmanship back in the day. Also crowns, both for kings and queens, tend to have national symbols or icons, like unicorns or oak leaves or lions or fleurs de lyses worked into the design.

(I won’t mention the crown’s floating on water…)

Thanks for the comment. Its plain because doing more complex stuff is a bit beyond me at the moment. However I think this looks more feminine so I called it the Queens Crown. Also the crown is floating because I did not spend a lot of time on the scene. You will have to forgive me of that because I am still learning how to model.

You are welcome. I also forgive you for learning how to model? Or being new? We all were at one time or another. :wink:
You will learn how to do the complex stuff quicker by posting in Works-in-Progress or Focused Critique and asking for advice. If “Tell me what you guys think!” was fishing for fanboy posts, sorry I missed the implication.

Thanks. Sorry if I sounded snappy. Just a little nervous cause I want to join this community but I’m very touchy about throwing my art out there for people to critique at will. I am practically bashing my head into the wall when it comes to modeling. I just want to put whats in my brain onto blender. but the stupid computer has to make this difficult.

I feel so awkward now. >_<