The rainy alley

this is my first movie trailer/teaser made in blender.
the rain was learned from cg geek; model is from render people and models are from sketchfab.
all the lighting camera and building work is done by me.
the audio is done by my friend.
please send reviews

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Your first movie looks like professional quality

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Hii saw your channel with few of your videos. It seems like You like making geometry nodes and clothing.
I am making a fantasy world where we can tell stories.
To be honest I have also designed complex clothing but everything becomes a nutjob when I try to drape a saree.( I had to drape it on myself 6 times :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: ). My request is can You help me managing the whole project. I will try to arrange for money but can’t guaranty immediate payment as all my funds are channelled towards something that I would rather tell you later.
but It will give you a production experience

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can you share contact details so that I can add you to the group?

only if you are sending email
I can move it forward

Yes currently I am full focus on blender some subjects not clothing.
yes you are right Saree is challenging task.

and you cannot avoid saree if you are making things in indian context

what are you focussing on?
may I know?