The Raptor Project

Started this back in March. It’s my first model ever so yea. Looking to get more support out of it. I want to make a short film called “Raptor” with it and I have come a long way. Maybe some criticism is what I need. Lol.

These are some of the very first renders of my model. I have since removed the textures because they looked absolutely terrible: <— …Yea…

My friend tried to do a test render with Lightwave and this happened… We are not quite sure what happened, but my friend was positive that jesus-raptor was stalking us at the time :):

After those days, I decided to add details with sculpting. This is the result:

I am not exactly sure how far along this one is. The head has a more round snout than the first render so it’s definitely sometime after. This render was done after I got a little better with lighting (I still wouldn’t consider it perfect, but for a new guy, I liked it). This is the first of my promo pictures:

Some more promo pictures:

Along the way, I also attempted to do some animations. Links are below:
Walk Cycle #1:

Run Cycle #1:

Run Cycle #3:

Run Cycle #4:

Run Cycle #4 (Rerender with better lighting):

Run Cycles 1-4:

Run Cycle #5 (Single View):

Run Cycle #5 (Multiple Views):

Raptor Motion Track Tests:

I am always looking for support and exposure. Please remember that this is my first model so try to be a little easy on the criticism, but I do love knowing what I could do better :slight_smile:

Two things I don’t like - head and arms.

First of all, being predators, all non-avian theropods must have had binocular vision. In case of your model it can be changed easily enough.

Second thing - arms. Fingers are bit too long and innermost finger should be shorter and have a claw similar to the one on big toe. And you’re thinking about them wrong - yours look a lot like thumbless human arms, that would have been used for grabbing, whereas in reality they should be more reminiscent of wings (look up some microraptor images, this trait is more apparent in its case, though it should give you an idea of what I mean).

As for the animation cycles, you should probably see some recordings of actual dinosaurs walking, like this one

EDIT: Also, eyelids. Without them it looks really derpy.

great work. the animation of the running looks very fake. It should actually jump. it is looking like fast motion walking.
Are you going to work of texturing?

Apparently, the hands on theropods faced each other; they didn’t hang down. The model is looking good, though.

Yeah, though it was a bit different in case of maniraptors, which were very closely related to birds. As such, their arms were actually spread out, similar to wings, that’s why I mentioned microraptor before.

EDIT: Changed dromeosauroids to maniraptors.

I am actually looking for someone to do the textures for me. I have tried and tried and can’t seem to do anything that looks decent. If you know anyone who would do organic textures for free (or even a small price), point me in that direction. Thank you

I understand what you mean on the fingers and arms, but I am a bit confused on what you mean about the head. If it’s an easy fix, would someone be willing to make that fix for me? (Be aware that the model has not been retopologized so the poly count is considerably high and might be hard to work with)

Hey man would you be able to help work on some VFX projects with our team (Mythical Arts Studios).

Here are some links to our channels:

You would be working in the VFX department with me (I am the lead VFX artist for our team. I am the only one working in the department.) and would have opportunities to add the work you do to your portfolio.