The Reaper

Just thought I’d share my latest attempt at sub-D modeling (wings3d for the base mesh) and sculpting (Blender 2.44).

Some wires overlayed at highest multires (for Blender sculpt).

c n c welcome.


I like it but did you use softbodys? If you did mabe you should edit the settings somebecause there are to many ripple/curves in the robe.

i think its about right, looks like he’s going into the wind

but still, amazing, love the effort that went into that, brilliant!

Yeah i like it to. I like what he did with it and how he made it like that im just sayin i have never seen that many ripples.
And is that the foot sticking out? Seems a little big to fit the reaper.

nice job =D

Hi guys

First I forgot to mention previously that the hand model was from MakeHuman v 9 (too lazy to build my own hand mesh).

Thanks for the comments, no softbody or cloth modelling was used in this. I will post my original base mesh, its all box modelled polygons. I initially made a symetrical mesh in Wings, rigged it in Blender and then posed it, basically it was for me to learn some rigging and weight painting in blender. Once the model was posed I ramped up the multi-res to about 141k for the robe and started sculpting trying to follow the lines a normal cloth would follow over the body.
The “foot” is actually a serpent tail to give a feel of something ominous underneath the cloak.
The image was rendered on using simple AO and the default blender scene lamp.


looks very good, though if the reaper has a hand, should it also have a face of some sorts? maybe show the mouth and chin under the hood with an evil grin?

Actually in most movies, cartoons etc… where they show the reaper you always only see the hands and no face under the hood that what makes him so special :wink:

@musk: yeah, and if a frog had wings it wouldn’t bump it’s butt when it hopped. my post wasn’t to point out what most movies and cartoons do, it was a post to improve it. :wink:

@drhavanger: That’s what I was getting at. It wouldn’t be the reaper anymore with a face! And in my opinion it doesn’t improve the model.

@EP1: Are you going to texture it?

WRT the face, no I do not plan to include the face but its a good idea.
WRT texturing, if I have time I hope to get to it. I had some problems with the UV’s I created because upon multi-res everything went haywire.

Thanks for the feedback

Just thought I would put images of the unposed base mesh up.