The Reason Why My Blender Issue Was Never Resolved

I have a confession to make. About three months ago, I asked for a solution to a problem I had regarding blender. *i have a problem regarding blender* it's seriouse - #10 by Maripo

To recap, the original Blender just did not work. One day, it worked fine, nothing abnormal, but then it just… stopped. Every time I opened a file in blender, without any warning, it would simply crash and turn off. And not freeze and crash, just disappear.

There was help. People offered me solutions. The most suggested solution was to check my graphics card. Looking at the older topic, it seems like I was too stubborn to actually try to do so, but that was not the case. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to, it’s that I did not know HOW to.

I love blender. It is a very powerful software that could make Pixar quality animations, is a great video editing software, has great sculpting tools, good for 3D printing, had a useful game engine, and so much more. And it was all for free. I have been using blender ever since 2020, when I got my first personal computer (it was actually a laptop), so to say that I’m very fond and attached to the software would be an understatement. So you just have to wonder, how have I used blender if it couldn’t even run for about three months to now? There was an alternative.

Someone told me to try using this, “blender_debug_gpu_glitchworkaround.cmd”, possibly to test out my issues. When I tried this version of Blender specifically, nothing crashed. Everything worked fine, which I then responded to the post. However, they said it was not optimal, which is when some more stubbornness kicked in. My reasoning for still using the blender candidate: It’s my computer, and it did not explode.

However, that’s not to say it did not have it’s flaws. Because blender candidate is basically and older version of blender (Blender 2.8), UI for more recent files were broken and overlapping, materials were corrupted, and armatures would not deform. I had to do everything from scratch from now on, but I did manage to restore some models. This also meant I couldn’t use new addons or features that came in later versions of blender, like the pose library, something I was really looking forward to.

And so this just leaves yet another question. Why are you avoiding the situation? Why not follow the instructions that other users have asked you to for multiple times? Why are you refusing to follow these very simple steps?

And the answer is one that I was very hesitant to type. It is kind of personal, really, and I fear how certain people will take it. But Blende Artist is a very friendly platform with people who are more than willing to help others, with little to no negativity. So with that in mind, I am making a very risky decision to trust whoever it may be to take this information as serious as I’d like them to.

I am not a professional animator. I wouldn’t even consider myself and armature. But of all else, I am not an adult. I, Jaiveon Schafer, am a 14 year old boy. At this age, there are a lot of things that you cannot do or do not have. You don’t have a lot of money, so you can’t hire anybody or buy things you want or need. You cannot go anywhere you please or do anything you want. You cannot pay bills or taxes or go to court or find a job or raise a family or accept responsibilities or have a midlife crisis or lay down alone in bed wondering where everything went wrong or be a part of a failed relationship, I’m really missing out on the joys of life at this point. But I thought keeping my age anonymous would make others take me serious, because I have never heard of a 14 year old use blender, and trust me, as a 14 year old in this generation, even I wouldn’t take a teen seriously.

And even then, at this age, I cannot understand much in terms of blender fixes. I mean, do you think a teenager is going to understand this?

What if I do something wrong? What if I download a virus? I don’t want my blender files to be deleted. I don’t want my computer to get corrupted. And it seems like a lot of work just to get the original blender to work. At this point, there is someone there that may be thinking. “Is this child stupid? The answer is clearly right there! I swear, I don’t even know why I waste my time reading this”. News flash, I am not you. I really do feel like I’m in a situation where I lose something valuable and cannot find it, only for a parent to come and point at it directly in front of me in the most obvious place you can think of. And I don’t want to replace anything in the computer. There’s a reason I use blender, of all the software in the world: I’M BROKE. I cant by a new flash drive or hard drive or graphics drive, and I am NOT going to disassemble this fairly expensive computer (for my standards) just to find the issue. That’s like suicide, a permanent solution to a temporary problem, just with an antonym for solution.

But I would also like to apologize as well. For anyone who has seen older post, *i have a problem regarding blender* it's seriouse - #10 by Maripo, you will notice that I took the situation very poorly. I was impatient, had a rude tone, and asked way to many questions, going around in circles and being redundant. I even told a user that he should “sit this one out” because I thought he didn’t understand the problem and I just wanted to hear someone else’s solution. That. Was. Very. Unnecessary. I cannot help but absolutely CRINGE at what was typed in the past. Just because I was really frustrated by the fact that blender didn’t work didn’t mean I had to bring my crappy mood to Blander Artist of all places. Though there was one post I could relate to somewhat, that could have contributed to this whole situation.

Only the difference is that I don’t have ADHD, it’s ASD. Yes, I am diagnosed with autism, and it is actually true, not some stupid trend that started on a certain online platform filled with lazy uninspired vertical videos that just so happened to be marketed towards my demographic, despite the fact that I never have or will download it, ISN’T THAT RIGHT GOOGLE!? But just because I have some mental disorder is not an excuse, and I could have avoided the situation, had I used more common sense. It got to a point where it wasn’t me who marked the post as solved, but someone else. But could you blame them? I would also end someone else’s post if they going to have such a crappy attitude on a site specifically dedicated to helping aspiring artists.

Now that my Youtuber apology video is done, I guess I could say that it wasn’t all bad. I was still able to use blender and was able to make fairly decent renders, such as these:

Rendered videos, on the other hand, still look like inferior bowling alley screens, but that’s just based on my skill (or lack there of) of blender rather than software.

But I have one more question. As a young person, there are many ideas I have for blender. One of them is a web series. But as a young person, there isn’t much you can do about that. All you can do is just hope, in the next four to six years in your life, no one just so happens to have already made your idea their profit, and more importantly, for it to still be relevant after all those years. SO, with that in mind, what can you do to pass the time, or what can you do to get a head start?


If you are only willing to work on something entirely original that hasn’t already been done, you’re doomed to never do anything :wink: The age of original ideas died about 500 years ago, what matters now is your unique presentation of a non-original idea. If you want to make a web series, make a web series! Don’t worry if something similar already exists- because it will, and it doesn’t matter. Just make what you want to make and don’t worry about what other people are making


The frustration is understandable. Good on you for the apology. Takes character to do that.

I know some young people who’re doing things I would have never dared when I was young. The main difference between us is that I let all sorts of fears hold me back, while they just went and did it. Doesn’t mean they didn’t also have fears, but they went ahead anyway. That’s what I do now – if I want to do it, I’ll just do it, no matter whether other people have already done it better, whether I am “too old” (I swear, there’s a ridiculously small window when you’re officially not too young or too old), whether AI is supposedly going to supplant all human art, or whatever reasons for not doing it there might be.

Do whatever you can do now if you enthusiastic about it. If you see no way, run your ideas past sensible people who might have the experience to share some ways you might be able do it within the constraints you’re facing. If it really can’t be done, shelve it for the time being, and pick one of the other ideas you have.

Maybe turn your constraints into a positive? Make a web series about the Blender difficulties you have encountered, and make it for other young people who can also not just go and replace their graphics card or get a more powerful computer? It takes time and regular effort to build a good channel, the sooner you get started and gain experience in it the better it is – by the time you’re an adult you can have a solid basis for the sorts of things you might then be able to do.


That sounds like a good idea.

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That is a sane behavior to doubt of what you can read on internet.
As a child, you should be helped by adults surrounding you.
If you succeed to make a parent or a teacher understand that an issue is important to you, they will probably try to help you.
If they feel incompetent, they may try to encounter somebody who is.
Maybe, it is possible for an adult of your surrounding to drive you to a blender user group or a computer science club, not far from your home, to meet-up with people in real life.

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I found lots of great people into Blender/freeCad/3d/electronics/robotics/laser cutting at a Hackspace.

Coming back and acknowledging your shortcomings is a sign of maturity that is rare in this world, even in people twice your age. Keep up that attitude and you will go far in this world. I hope my interactions in your previous thread didn’t come across as too harsh, I just wanted to be as direct as possible with you about how your behavior was coming across from the other side.

14 is a fantastic age to start getting into blender. I first picked up 3d software around that same age. I was just joking with my wife that there are probably people on this forum who weren’t even alive the last time we ran the 10 cubes challenge (#10-cubes-challenge-2022), and so I’m glad you spoke up and proved me right, haha.

The best way to get ahead with your skills right now is to let your passion drive your work. If you love Star wars, model a tie fighter. If you love cars, model a Lamborghini. If you love a certain band, make a music video for them. Tie something you are already passionate about to your 3d work (which you are also obviously passionate about) this will double your fortitude when you come up against the inevitable challenges that will slow you down and take some wind out of your sails.

Also, don’t be afraid to take a break and walk away from a problem for a while. sleeping on an issue will give you fresh eyes, and the next time you pick it up, you will think of solutions that you couldn’t think of before.

And the cool thing about being 14, you can fail fantastically and there are practically no consequences. So shoot big, bite off more than you can chew and see what you can and cannot do (yet). Ask yourself “what’s stopping me?” and really answer the question. If the answer is you don’t know how to do X or Y in blender, google X or Y. Ask us here. There are literally centuries of combined experience in this forum, and most of us are pretty happy to help.

I wish you the best and hope to continue interacting with you for years going forward.

Edit: one more thing, Blender is a fantastic tool, but it isn’t the only tool out there. Don’t get stuck in the idea that this program is your program and any other program isn’t your program. Having a powerful tool that you know like the back of your hand is great, but having a whole toolbox full of tools that each have their own strengths and weaknesses is even better. Here’s a quick sampling of free programs that will supplement your pipeline:

  • Krita - 2d paint program
  • Gimp - 2d image editor
  • Meshroom - 3d photogrammetry tool
  • Meshlab - 3d editing powertool for conversions and other tasks
  • Inkscape - 2d vector editor
  • Freecad - 3d solid editor / CAD program

Each of these programs has their own vibrant user communities as well, so there is support for learning anything you need to know out there. Ask humbly and with kindness and you will be amazed at how many people will donate their time to help you out.


Hi Jaiveon,
It takes a lot of courage to write such a sincere apology. Your action is commendable.

Do not worry I did not feel offended, ( I simply took your advise ), I also did guess that you were young and I can totally understand the frustration when things just do not work + your reservations regarding messing up your only computer!

I hope you feel welcome here at BA, do not hesitate to ask future questions ( be warned, I might answer :slightly_smiling_face:).

Have fun doing what you want is the basic thing here, you are at an age where things should be fun, Blender should be fun, make the most of it.

By the way I like the leafy character!

Edit: sorry I spelt your name wrong.


I’m glad you do. He actually has a friend.


Everbody does have those “problems”… nobody does know everthing from the start…
Also: we (humans) tend to believe that everybody will understand what you say… when i was in school the most children i spent my time with where my class mates… so they did learn the same things like me… so if we talk about something then we “know” the same things… (someone more someone less). After school some learnt something different so some of them where talking about different things and so you will also learn that:

The most difficult thing in life is to be aware if someone else really actually understands what you are talking about or if you can make those people realize that you don’t understand them and vice versa.

There are different barriers to overcome: knowledge, experience, culture, beliefs, even language and also the absence of some or all of this.

The only thing you can do: try to make yourself clear, understandable… maybe do a little research before you talk posssible nonsense… listen to others. You don’t have to agree with them but you should at least try do understand why and about what they are talking… you can recognize those who talk funny (or are just stupid) and those who know something even if you do not understand there craft… don’t chase after best-way or only-way ; everbody can only do the most manageable in the current situation… and this could be done by different people in different ways… (and also different tools).

Sometimes it is even better to have an online conversation with someone who is in another time zone… so you have to wait some time for an answer… so you better have to think about your sentences or the other one doesn’t ever bother to answer you because it stretches about a too long time periode…
Had some “instant” chat’s where those otherones seems to have not even the time to think about my words… and where just “figthing” … this was just lost life time for me

Or even shorter:

Everbody has to use ones own time to learn and think for oneself independently.

And then there is the problem of reading such long posts :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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Also I should mention that due to some silly stupid shenanigans (of which I have no knowledge of) I am unable to import models with animations to the Godot game engine.

Make that a new topic in #support:other-software so people can find it who might be able to help with that (they’ll need more information than what you gave here though). Might also be a good question to ask on the Godot forums; there are possibly more people there who have done this.

Have you already looked at tutorials?