The Red Book - The outside turning in

Idea for a game
"The Red Book’
Player has psychotic break, and must confront his inner demons
Player is a game developer and ‘lucidly dreams’ game items, and mechanics into the ‘underworld’ of his mind.
some scenes are within his mind, some are in the real world.
in the real world, the player knows he must return and confront his demons,
so he is looking for ways back in, (black mirrors, hallucinogens , hypnotic images and modern shamans)

upon balancing his shadow, animus, self, ego and mask, he can return to the real world, sane.

The outside turning in.

Wrectified was written for glory/ to learn.

This is a artistic romp, fret with emotion AND gameplay mechanics,
This game is written to fulfill a deeper need, this… is personal.

Actors -

Protagonist - For years he endeavored to be the fastest, smartest, and best at everything, a somatic narcissist, that loved himself,
until one day he realized it was all a mask, now in his transition to madness or his ascension to greatness… he is his problem, he is the solution.

Animus - Destructive, analytical, methodical, intelligent

Anima - Creative, Chaotic, emotional, spontaneous,

Ego - a masked man, the man you thought you wanted to be, the man who is dragging you into madness

Self - a always shifting mass of evil, good, and chaos… not a friend, not a enemy, elusive and distant

Shadow - pure evil, cunning and brutal, keeper of secrets from our world and the underworld

Deities and symbols

Old gods, and new ideas,
some from mythology, some from video games,
some from imagination…

Game ‘Core’ = ‘Skill trees’

a ball of cracked mud, with ‘seeds’ in it, these seeds are sprouted into trees by gathering ‘Code Snippets’ and experiences,
the trees represent coding knowledge, and also lucid dreaming abilities.

examples - apply force - (natural abilities on unlock- Force push, super jump, ubber punch

abilities when combined with other snippets =

launch item at item = (Apply force + align object to)

open door/pull lever telekinesis = ApplyForce and GetTarget


as the ‘trees’ sprout branches, the branches connect to other trees, eventually making a lattice around the ball…