The reflective light change of video image plane

I have created a vintage tv. My intention is to add a 15sec animated gif to a image plane and use that as the screen.

The final output is on a login page for a website.

The reason I am modelling it in 3d rather than just using an image of a tv and comping a video beneath, is that i want it to look as authentic as possible — which includes have the video emission from the plane affect the bezel of the frame and also for the glass to be reflective etc etc…

I’m assuming I can’t rely on the inherent brightness and contrast of the video footage on the plane to fully create the effect? What can I do aside from manually animating the emission values?

Any thoughts would be massively helpful.



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whats the reason you cant use it as an emission material and have the video effect cast light?

edit, like so:

An area light pointing out of the screen, and some volume could help.

and a shader for the pixels/crt look…

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Love your huge screen capture while replying… :grinning:

infinityyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hahha,

Dual screen problem.

on my linux system i just press shift printscreen and crop the zone, then paste it here… hehehe
i’m sure you ve got this kind of tricks on your os.
have you ever try another key combined with your printscreen one?

anyway ! it proves that you are the guy who answer. :slight_smile:

I sometimes forget to crop, I use Irfanview, I should use snip or something for screen grabs.

this system is win8.1, so I just use windoze printscreen key. Dont think it has any options at all

Thanks for your replies and sorry for the slow delay in response.

I do plan on using an emission material but I didn’t know if it would effectively shift the reflective light when the brightness and contrast levels of the image shift as the video played… or whether I would need to supplement it.

Just planning ahead…

The example you showed is a good case scenario of what I am planning to do, just want it to look authentic.


Thanks for the extra tips. They will come in handy when I experiment.

The shader for the pixels I am in two minds about as the 15-second video look is the primary focus and the main shot will be wide so I might add a subtle pixel effect.

I will post some shots when I get there.

Thanks peeps.